Saturday, October 2, 2010

Catching Up....

This has been a bit of a frustrating work week.  Theres lots going on, loads of work to do, and many difficult and aggrevating things to deal with on top of all of that.  So it hasn't been very fun in that regard.  Fortunately though when work was at its worst, life finds a way to balance it out.  So I can at least say I'm happy to have almost gotten back to my normal level of training despite this being initially thought of as a recovery week.  Including tomorrow (sunday) I'll have ridden three times this week, ran twice, and swam once.  Which is not great, but at least its headed back towards normal.  One more run in the mix and triple that swimming and were back in business.  The next two months are so work intense that its going to be hard to get my regular routine going again but I'm just going to have to fight to get it all in as I know I'm always in a better mood afterwards.

So time for some random bits and pieces to get all caught up....

This morning I swam with the GVP group at the pond.  It was great to see many of my club members.  I spent so much time training with everyone this summer and then after the TDD I really haven't seen many of them as my schedule has been so busy I've been cramming in workouts wherever I can last minute so its been hard to line up training with other people.  So it was great to see some of my friends again.

I got talked into swimming the 1.1 mile route today as opposed to the 3/4 mile route my brain wanted to do.  I'm so glad I did swim the longer route as it felt really good once I got settled in.  I mucked about with my stroke a little and focused on keeping my head down.  Seemed like I was a tiny bit faster that way but who knows.  It was cold outside but actually really nice in the pond once I got going.  Once out of the water thought I was freezing!

From the swim I went over to the east bay bike path to get my long runs started once again.  Today I went for a 13 miler.  I started off nice and slow running 9:15s, then moved to 9's and stayed there for the whole 6.5 miles out.  The way back though my legs wanted to go and I didn't argue with them.  So I ran 8's for a lot of the way back brining my average for the 13 to 8:30 even.  Which is technically faster than I should have ran it but sometimes I just let my legs do what they want to.  I also raced up the one hill towards the end and that felt good.  What didn't feel good is my right foot.  Something is up with it and I'm not sure what.  Its not pain or anything, but there some numbness again and something feels off.  I don't know what and it didn't stop me from running at all but I need to keep an eye on it.

Ok so while I'm throwing random details out I think its time to mention someone I've alluded to here once or twice.  I will first note that if you read a lot of blogs you know that significant others are often reffered to as "the girl" or "the boy".  Really its a term of endearment and its meant to protect their anonymity.  Just because I want to tell the entire internet my business doesn't mean she does.  So...   yes...   there is a "girl" in my life.  A rather cute one in fact.  We've been spending a lot of time together lately and things are going really well.  So well I feel confident enough to mention her here for the first time directly.  As well as being fabulous and smart and wonderfull in many other ways, the girl is also an accomplished athlete and triathlete.  She's also an Ironwoman.  There is certainly a lot more to her than just those things... but I just wanted to make the quick introduction so that I can write about a few other things in the future.  For instance we've run together once now and despite us running different paces I think we did really well together.  I'm hoping we can do it again...  but she seems to feel like I'm too fast to run at her pace.  I'm working on it though and have high hopes she will forget all about my potential pace and focus on the enjoyment of running together.  Other things to write about will be that were going for our first 50 mile ride together tomorrow, and she has also offered to take a shot at coaching me in the pool as she is a very fast and accomplished swimmer.  Surely there will be some comedy there.  I have to say I'm nervous about that one!  My swimming is not impressive!  So yeah...  theres "a girl" and shes fantastic, and as she and I start training together more often I'm sure I'll mention her here in the future.

I need to do a lot of thinking about 2011.  Its going to be a big year of career change for me as I've mentioned here in the past.  I'm starting to get excited about it.  As soon as I finish this giant round of shows that will end in late November I need to get cranking on deciding whats next.  The nice thing is that I can always keep my lighting business going until I find something new...   but I do think I very much want to find something closer to home with no travel.  I have high hopes for 2011 in all parts of my life.  I think its going to be a great year career wise, training wise, triathlon wise with the completion of my first full Ironman event, and hopefully even relationship wise...  but its a bit early to think that far ahead quite yet.  So good things are on the horizon...    its just that theres a giant dark dark mountain in front of me I have to climb over first.  So bear with me as I fight my way over it and post here sporadically.

And one last note...   Today is 10/2.  Which is Livestrong Day.  Today we celebrate the daily victories of the 28 million people who are fighting cancer worldwide.  Today is not about Lance Armstrong, or any other individual person.  Its about coming together to support those in need.  Its about raising money for continued research and for support groups to take care of the things that modern medicine can not.  Livestrong does so much good for the world both in supporting the individuals and families struggling every day with the fight against cancer as well as raising awareness of healthy habits and lifestyles.  So wear some yellow today and celebrate life with all of us.  Today as I went for my run I thought a lot about this....

Today on my run I LiveSTRONG for my Mom, for Uncle Bob, and for the 28 million.

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