Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barrington Sprint Triathlon Results Are Up!

After checking the website every ten seconds I'm happy to say that the results for the Barrington Sprint Triathlon are up!  So now its time to delve into the numbers....

So here they are...

1/2 Mile Swim, 12 Mile Bike, 3 Mile Run

Swim: 13:33
T1: 1:05
Bike: 32:32
T2:  :48
Run: 18:57

So now lets break it down a little further...

Age Group 35-39 22 Entrants
Overall Entrants 310

Swim:  My age group rank on the swim was 12/22 and I was 161/310 (Top 52%).  No big shock here.  I'm still a middle of the pack swimmer.  In fact I'm right on the 50% mark.  This is definitely my largest area of need for improvement and where I will put a MASSIVE focus this winter.  Between lessons and getting into a masters group I'm going to swim my ass off.  Its very realistic to think I can shave a minute to two minutes off of that with a lot of work.  And that is the difference between fifth in my age group and placing.  Between that and a lot of interval work on the trainer this winter I WILL be a force to be reckoned with next year.  But it was a very physical swim and I am pleased with how I handled that aspect of it.

T1: There are no rankings listed for transtion times on the website.  However 1:05 is pretty damn respectable.  In fact the top five overall T1 times were 1:06, :59, 1:01, :46(clearly not wearing a wetsuit!), 1:20.  So that puts my T1 into perspective.  I've worked hard on transitions and its great to know I didn't give up any time here.

Bike:  My age group rank on the bike was 8th and I was 66th/310 Overall (Top 21%).  Considering I only started riding a bike in mid April for the first time since I was a kid I'd call that pretty damn good!  Clearly there is room for improvement here but hopefully with a lot of work in the offseason I can make back some time here too.  But I'm really happy with how I did here.  An average speed of 22mph for me on a flat course is pretty good, in fact its better than I thought I did.  I'm very happy with that.

T2 :48 seconds!  NICE!  Top five overall guys T2 times were :41, :43, 1:05, :32, :55.  So I'm right up there with em.  Again all the work I've put in to learn how to mount/dismount with my shoes still on the bike has clearly paid off.  Thats free time to gain that only took a little bit of work every now and then.  Very worth it.  Its hard to know but clearly my transitions are in the top 10% of the field's times.

Run: Average pace of 6:19/Mile!  Very nice!  I'll take that happily.  I was 4th in my age group on the run, and 34th Overall (Top 10%!) Not much room for improvement here.  I'm pretty sure thats where my pace starts to max out.  Maybe once I start doing more speedwork and track workouts next season like I hope to I may get a bit faster, but I suspect thats about as good as it gets. 

Overall I ended up in 48th place which is the top 15% of the field.  Not too shabby!  I missed taking third in my age group by 2:30, and I missed 4th in my age group by just 5 seconds!  If only I'd know that guy was out in front of me!  2:30 may sound like a lot in a sprint but my swim is so average right now and my bike is getting stronger all the time so I really think I have a shot at placing a time or two next year with some more work put in.  Especially considering I couldn't swim 25 yards in April and hadn't ridden a bike since I was a teenager.  So yeah...   I'm pretty damn happy with this.  I'm also pleased considering the level of training volume I've been putting in towards the firm.  I didn't taper at all for this race.  So maybe on somewhat fresher legs I could do better?  Only time will tell!

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