Saturday, November 27, 2010

Long Run Day

So today is my long run day in preparation for the Disney Goofy Challenge.  The girl convinced me to do my long runs on Saturdays and take Sundays as our off day together so we can sleep in and enjoy the day.  At first I was a bit resistant but now I'm quite enjoying that schedule.  So this morning we both set out for our long runs.  We run at different paces so we tend to run our long runs seperately but still do them at the same time.

This morning the girl had a 14 miler and I was supposed to run 19.  We tend to touch base about what our routes are and sometimes try and run into each other somewhere out there to say a quick hello as we pass each other.  Today I set out on an out and back around the ocean drive.  I planned to run 9.5 miles out and then turn around and head back.  The girl planned on running some distance towards Middletown and then winding back around the ocean drive in the opposite direction so we might run into each other.  So off we went. 

Somewhere around mile 5 of my run I started to think about 19 milers.  I hate running 19 miles.  I always feel like its one mile shy of 20 which feels like a better accomplishment to me than 19.  So inevitably everytime I set out to run 19, I run 20.  So I decided I'd run ten, and then turn around head back.  I felt pretty good for the first 9 miles.  Somewhere around 9.5 miles I ran into the girl.  She was heading out on the ocean drive in the same direction I would be once I turned around.  So I said hi and ran the extra half mile to my turnaround point.  I figured by the time I turned around and got back to where we had crossed paths that we were roughly two miles apart at that point.  Which meant I may not catch her before she gets to the house unless she were to stop for anything.  So I just pressed onward.  My right leg at this point started to protest.  Its just been really stiff lately.  I think really its a combination of things.  My right foot was also starting to feel tight.  So theres tightness in my foot from the plantar fasciatis, and in my hamstring.  And it all adds up to some discomfort.  Not so much I can't press onward, but its not fun.  But I just sucked it up and kept going.

Around mile 18 a woman with a fuel belt on as well passed me and we chatted briefly.  She was also out for her long run.  I was feeling pretty tired and she was running a nice pace for me so I let her get 15' or so out in front of me and then locked into her pace figuring she could pace me the rest of the way in.  Apparently this annoyed her as she changed sides of the street but kept going the same direction.  Personally I found this annoying and insulting.  But I suppose in these modern times women have to be careful when out running.  But its sad that two people wearing fuel belts and a guy in a tri club tshirt aren't safe enough to run near each other anymore.  Whatever...   I was annoyed when she crossed the street so I kicked it up a notch, passed her and accelerated till I was 50 feet in front of her and then crossed to the same side of the street as I needed to be on that side to make my turn.  I figured that way she knew I wasn't creepy and trying to follow her.  Whatever...   

As I rounded the corner onto the girl's street I saw her up ahead!  So I sprinted for half a mile to catch up to her and caught her within a quarter mile of the house.  Which at that point it occured to me how odd it was that I caught her considering she was running 14 miles and I was running 20.  I'm not THAT much faster than her and I was having a slow day as I ran my 20 at 9's.  Turns out she changed her mind and ran 17.5 miles.  She looked confused that I hadn't caught her already considering I was supposed to only be running 19.  So we had a nice chuckle about us both ignoring our training plans.  Apparently were very much alike in that regard.

So all in all a good run today except for the discomfort.  Which right now is not happy!  So I'll do some more stretching and then go lay down for a bit I think.  Hopefully it feels better soon.  I think I'll swim tomorrow wiht the girl too to try and loosen it up and get a swim lesson in.  I haven't swam in almost a month so this could be ugly!  Hopefully I don't drown!

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  1. Hi Nick, swimming always helps my legs feel better. Have fun at the goofy challenge!