Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting there...

Its time for a state of the union address....

I'm getting there....

Thats all I'll say right now.  I'm not there, and I'm not thrilled with where I am but I'm getting there.

Three more physical therapy sessions.  At least thats the hope.  Two more runs on the Alter G and I'll be cleared to run again without wearing a giant rubber skirt.

And when I say PT it should now really be called strength training.  I've gone from looking forward to walking into PT where I go and get an awesome sports massage thats paid for by my health insurance to dreading the brutal strength training workouts I do now where we do kettlebell swings and kettlebell lunges, and hamstring curl sets on a swiss ball, and evil evil planks that never end.  These workouts have in fact been so intense (especially as I haven't been allowed to strength train in months) that my legs are sore for days afterwards.  Which means my bikes suck, and my swims suck.  My legs have been pretty useless.  So I am more than ready for these strength training workouts to go away!

In reality I'm fine... and I just need to suck it up and wait.  But this recovery process is starting to get old.  The soreness in my legs from the strength training is starting to get old.  The recovery process screwing up my training is getting very old.  I'm just reaching the point of least patience / max frustration right now and I'm ready to hopefully finally get over the hump and start training!!!

Speaking of training...  some updates...

-I've been averaging roughly 10-11 hours of training a week lately.  I'm ok with that.  Considering I'm not running much thats not bad at all.

-my swim has good and bad days, but overall I think its improving.  My endurance in the water was doing great till all this strength training thrashed my legs and makes even a light flutter kick difficult.  So my swim has suffered lately.  I'm looking forward to getting back to that.  I managed a 1x3500 set in the pool the other day I was very pleased with.  It was slow...  but I did it!  Two miles in no wetsuit is something to be proud of progress wise for me.

-my bike is slowly getting there...   my mileage is getting up there.  My long rides are up to 50-60 miles now.  My interval sessions have been poor thanks to all the PT but I'm getting my miles in generally.

And of course why train unless you can race....

Despite my PT saying I'd be ready to go for the Providence 70.3 I currently have my doubts.  Of course its hard to know until this fricking strength training can go away so my legs aren't sore all the time so I can actually get a reasonable guage on my fitness!  I just can't get a feel for how I'm doing right now...  there's just too much soreness and discomfort all the time.  Its pretty damned annoying frankly.

Are you noticing a theme to this post?  Its called FRUSTRATION!  I need to let loose!  I need to RUN!  I'm tired of stretching, and strength training, and my leg feeling sore all the time and being told to wait another week and another week to run.  I just want to get my legs back.  I want to not notice them.  I want them both to be equally strong. 

Seven weeks or so to the Amica 70.3 and I'm runing a total of 7 miles a week currently at 85% of my bodyweight...   I wonder if I'm going to make it?

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