Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Problem With Training 17 hours a week is....

....that you never have any time to update your blog!  (among other things!)  I am also absolutely EXHAUSTED!  This last week has been a nonstop marathon of training/work/life/love.  Its all been amazing, and inspiring, and fun, but I've had nonstop plans for every single day and night since I got home from Raleigh which was a busy week in itself.  So here's the updates....

I last updated with my Timberman race report.  I completed that race on Sunday, spent Monday at home recovering and resting and then headed off to Raleigh on tuesday morning.  As usual it was a busy week with many 12+ hour days on concrete floors.  Which on tired beat up legs after Timberman was not fun and left me with nothing in the tank to train with.  So I only got in one training session that entire week in the end.  Pretty sad.  I rode a spin bike for an hour and then ran for 20 mintues.  That was it.  Fortunately my training plan called for a recovery week so thats what were going to call it.  I wasn't planning on doing a lot of volume that week but I was hoping for 5-6 hours of easy work.  Oh well...   you can't win them all and you HAVE to listen to your body.  And my body said it didn't want to do anything.

I got home to Rhode Island on Monday night exactly 2 hours after the power to my home was restored after it was out for almost 48 hours thanks to hurricane Irene.  So Monday was spent working and travelling.

Tuesday morning I woke up and it was time to get back to business!  I'm happy to say it was a great training week.  In the end I logged 14 hours of training this week at the beginning of another large build block.  Some highlights of the week were....


-my local pool is closed for maintenance so I did nothing but swim in the ocean this week.  Tuesday I did a swim with the local group here and then I tried to swim with the girl on friday morning.  It was one of those rare flat calm beautifull days in the ocean...  and wouldn't you know it my shoulder was very very angry and sore.  I think I must have tweaked it at work a little throwing cable around or slep on it funny or something as I only made it a half mile before my shoulder insisted I get out of the water.  I was mad as I hate to waste an opportunity to swim when the ocean is that lovely to be in and the girl has the day off! 
-I'm happy to say however that I got in a 2.3 mile ocean swim in pretty damn difficult conditions today with the girl.  It was pretty brutal and I was fighting to get anywhere in the chop and current we swam against.  It  was pretty gnarly out there today.  But I did it!  The girl and I are also slowly learning how to swim together which is hard as she is so much faster than I am. 


-great interval session on tuesday on the trainer in my driveway as there was just too much debris all over the roads from the hurricane to do a speed session out there.
-easy spin on thursday for an hour with a nice brick run afterwards.
-Fantastic 5 hour 85 or so mile ride on Saturday with some friends from Tri-NE.  Epic nutrition failure (I tried Infinit for the first time and it just isn't for me) so I started to bonk at hour 3.  Managed to get some gatorade at a store stop and ate a powerbar and eventually recovered.  I was falling off the pace a bit in the third hour but by hour 4 I was back on form and keeping up with the boys.  The last hour was by far the hardest as we fought through some nasty headwinds and then I did my best to keep up with the end of ride sprint fest battle.  I did at least manage to hold the wheels of the faster guys even though theres no way I could have pulled around them.
-So all in all a great week on the bike.

-greatest amount of progress here!
-broke through my fear of running beyond two hours on my funky right leg and logged my first run of over 13 miles since January with a 17.5 miler in 2:45.  Not fast, but thats not the point.
-tried out a variety of Kswiss shoes that showed up here thanks to Zappos and I'm pretty sure I've found my Ironman sneaker, and what is easily the best sneaker I've ever worn to run downhill in.  By a LOT.  More on that later this week with a bit of a mini review.

So...   not a bad week.  The journey continues.  My biggest current issues are:
-I need to finish buttoning up my nutrition plan which is very close now
-continue to improve my long run
-continue to get stronger at ocean swimming while still logging the distances I need

Other random bits...
-switching to gatorskin tires for the rest of my training to try and cut down on recent flats.
-signed up to race the FIRM half iron length triathon next weekend as part of a relay team.  I'll be racing the bike portion and planning on turning myself inside out and seeing what happens.  I'm hoping for a fast time, or an epic explosion.
-got a fantastic present from the girl and great news is brewing about some additional support for raceday!  more on that later this week too.

Ok...  time for me to go tip over and get some rest.  I'm beat!  Off day tomorrow!  Hooooray!  I can't wait!

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