Monday, November 14, 2011

Training Lag...

I travel a lot for work.  Sometimes internationally, sometimes not.  Jet lag and I are not strangers to each other.  I also work for myself on a very non tradional schedule.  I never know what day of the week it is, what the date is, and sometimes what time it is.  I'm used to being disoriented is my point.  I go through life that way and when someone orients me with the time and the date its sometimes quite uncomfortable.  I like the sensation of floating through life.

There are exceptions to this...  enough time at home with my fiance and I quickly orient to her schedule and get used to the weekly routine of it.  I seem to often be surprised when its saturday and she doesn't have to go to work though.  This is of course made further complicated by her every other week 4 day work week schedule.  So you can imagine I just get used to not knowing whats going on.

The constant rhythm thats been in my life for the last year however has been my training plan.  It has always has to bend to the will of life and my schedule, but its fairly consistent.  It helps me know when Saturdays are coming because thats when I try to ride long with my friends when I can.  I don't always know when that is but I see it coming on the Tri-NE discussion boards.

And now its two weeks post Ironman.  I haven't trained in two weeks.  I have no idea what day it is.  The rhythm of my world has been disturbed.  Something in my right foot feels weird.  I wake up and I don't have to train, I don't have to think about training, I don't have to plan my day around training, and I'm disoriented.  I grounded myself in the process.  The countdown of the clock ticking towards the Ironman.  Suddently thats gone, and I have at least another week or two of rest before I cautiously start training again.  My right foot has something wonky going on, and my right leg is still feeling sore and stiff.  I'm not doing any biking or running on it until it feels 100% again.  Its been almost 18 months since its felt normal and injury free, and almost two years since I've rested it at all.  So its time.  So when you combine the resting, the lack of training, and the fact that my work schedule is lightening up I'm really confused.  I don't know what day it is.  I don't know what time it is.  I don't know what the date is.  I'm a bit lost.

On the plus side...   my computer says apparently its 9AM and I'm still in my pajamas.  Life could be worse.  I have only one more week of away time for work in 2011 and thats fantastic!  Even better than that is the fact I'm getting married in 2012!!!  In a way though that feels a lot like the Ironman did intially.  Something I'm incredibly excited about and looking forward to, but still very much in the distance.  I keep looking to the wedding as something to base my daily rhythms on...  but its still too soon and my body clock can't sync to it quite yet.

So for now I'll just continue on...   drifting...   waiting for it all to click and for me to figure out what day it is...  what time is...   or perhaps I'll just have to settle for being fairly certain its still November.

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