Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shutting It Down

Sometimes I have to hear something again, and again, and again before I actually listen to it.  I can be pretty stubborn when it comes to things like that.  When it comes to things that affect my training I am especially stubborn.  Well I've mentioned recently that I've been fighting hamstring issues, plantar fasciatis issues, and just a sense of being run down, exhausted, and feeling like I've constantly been fighting some illness or other without anything too specific for weeks now.  Its gotten so bad I've been going to bed as early as 8pm and sleeping loads trying to beat it but to no avail.  I've just been really low energy lately.  The girl keeps suggesting that its because I never took a break from training at the end of a busy triathlon season as I went right into marathon training.  And while all that was going on I went through a brutal stretch of work related trips that were back to back to back and extremely stressfull.  So all that added up to a very very tired, exhausted, somewhat injured and beat up me.  So after a period of rest being suggested by the girl, and several of my friends I decided to finally listen.

So I did my last long run on Saturday and I've shut everything down since.  No running, no swimming, no biking, no nothing.  I spent monday and tuesday on the couch or at the computer briefly.  Mostly on the couch.  Yesterday I watched three movies and today I'm about to start my second movie of the day.  I've totally stopped doing anything and done nothing but rest.  I just need my body to heal and my immune system to catch up and beat whatevers going on inside me.  I've also been taking a ton of supplements at the girls knowledgeable suggestions.  Nothing outrageous, just a mix of a multi, extra vitamin C, antioxidants, some sort of homeopathic root thing which i forget what it does and some fish oil.  The girl is very up on these things so I just swallow the pills she hands me.  She has lots of letters after her name and even the letters Dr at the beginning of it and all of the letters at the end are associated with science and excercise.  So she's a smartie.  And if she's reading this she is hopefully laughing at my oversimplification of her qualifications. 

So whats next?  Well I'm hoping to get my long run in (fortunately a rollback week) which is a 12 miler on Friday as my first run after the layoff and then I'm going away to go skiing this weekend with the girl.  So I'll ski Saturday and then do some long walks in the snow on Sunday and come home hopefully feeling well rested.  Neither of us have been skiing in some time so it could be pretty entertaining! 

I'm anxious to get my training volume up though.  I can't seem to stop gaining weight so I'm looking forward to getting my volume back up and my weight back down and under control.  I'm currently up to 150lbs over my season low of 138 last summer.  So I need to be carefull!

Ok... time for me to go watch Harry Potter number 5 (I watched 1-3 yesterday and number 4 this morning) and go lay down again.  Here's hoping this time off will help my hamstring heal up, and my foot feel a little better too!

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