Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tapering in Boca

Sometimes my work plan and my training plan just doesn't line up...   this would be one of those times when real life gets in the way.  I'm in Boca Raton working on a rather large project.  On the plus side I'm not in charge of this one or really in any major position of responsibility.  I'm whats called an "L3" meaning I'm not the designer (L1), not the master electrician who oversees the entire installation of the rig (L2) I'm the guy underneath both of those positions.  So in that way its great...  but it means its a much more hands on position.  So I worked my but off the last couple of days.  Its also a somewhat new client for me so I'm going the extra mile to make a good impression and when the union crew slowed down yesterday I picked up the pace and did a lot more than I should have to keep us moving.  So my legs are BEAT!  To make things worse I worked under a 4' tall giant structure of truss all day which stayed at that height all day while we worked on it.  So I was constantly ducking under something and standing back up.  Thanks to all of that my quads and hamstrings were not happy this mornign!  Its sort of like doing many many many body weight squats over and over again all day long. 

Anyway...   I'm a little beat up this morning and not tapering quite as well as I could be.  Yesterday I worked a ten hour day of intense physical labor and then I got back to my hotel room around 7:15 and got almost immediately on the bike trainer for a 50 minute workout to replace my tapering run, showerd, ran to the grocery store, cooked dinner and finally got in bed at 11pm feeling pretty exhausted.  Sadly I then woke up at 430am this morning and wasn't able to get back to sleep.  Ugh!

Plan for today is pretty much the same...   work for ten, get on the trainer, eat, go to bed.  Fortunately after a couple of days the physical labor part of this gig will go way down and we'll go into just maintaining the rig which will give me a chance to recover and properly rest for the taper a bit.  Unfortunately though we have to take it all down on thursday right before I start the Disney Challenge so I'm going to have to be very carefull how much energy I use on that day.  That day is gonna hurt as I have to strike this whole giant rig, then drive to Orlando and check into my hotel and then race the 5K the next morning.  Should make for an interesting few days! 

On the plus side however unless things go poorly we are scheduled to take the 1st off down here so I'll be able to get a nice ride in to replace my 8 mile run although I think I'll ride for an hour and then run two miles or something like that.  We'll see how I feel that day.  I'm still debating how much running I'll do between now and the races.  I think some is in order but at this point it offers little training benefit so I want to give my legs the best chance they have to be strong and healthy going into the race so I don't want to run too much.  Just enough to feel ok mentally is all I really need.

Ok...  time for me to go to work!

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