Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trying to Get Home

Its day 2 of my drive North from Florida to Rhode Island.  After driving through some scary icy spots in the carolinas and constant rain and freezing rain in Viriginia I finally hit a clear spot near Washington DC.  That lasted all of about an hour before the giant storm caught up with me and finally had to give up and pull off the road in Baltimore.  So here I sit in another hotel room in Baltimore watching the snow fall out the window and wondering if I'll be able to make it home to Rhode Island tomorrow. On a clear day its a six hour drive from here.  However the storm will be raging the better part of the day tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to RI.  My current backup plan is to make it as far as New Jersey where my folks live and stay with them and then head home thursday morning.  But I'd really really like to make it home tomorrow.  I miss the girl and Rhode Island and I'm ready for this trip to be over!  Plus I leave again on tuesday for a work trip so I'd love to get as much time in at home as possible before I head out again.

The funny thing about this drive home has been that I keep forgetting that I just finished the goofy.  Well at least in terms of my body.  Today I got out of the car at lunchtime to get gas and I had totally forgotten that my legs are super stiff and sore still and don't work very well yet.  I laughed at myself.  It always takes me about three or four days after a marathon before my legs start to feel even remotely normal to me. 

On a somewhat worrying note I can't feel one of the toes on my right foot currently.  Or at least its generally fairly numb.  Its the same toe that I had the neuroma issues with.  So I'll be curious to see if that feeling comes back.  For now I'm not going to worry about it.  I have an appointment with Foundation Sports Medicine on the 24th to look at my right leg and foot in general and I'll address it then if need be.  I'm looking forward to trying to get to the root cause of my foot/calf/hamstring/glute issues and see where the problem really is and fix it.  So hopefully I'll get some good answers there.  Its not a huge problem for me by any means but I want to go into the ironman at 110% healthy so anything I can do to address issues early on and strengthen things will be well worth doing.

Time for me to go stare at weather forecasts and plot a route home tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


  1. Smart to get everything checked out before Ironman-wow, and I thought I was a nut. Hope the weather holds out for you.

  2. Thanks Cindy! Me too... I wanna go home!