Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Wait

I am well aware of the importance of recovery.  I know the value of time off from training.  But I don't have to like it!  In an effort to let my leg heal up after the Goofy challenge I've done no training whatsoever.  My hamstring/glute is still a bit wonky and feels odd.  If its just tightness then I'm not worried about it... but part of me is worried about it a bit.  On Monday I'll go see the sports doc and get a professional opinion on whats going on and then decide what to do going forwards.  I'm REALLY hoping they say I can swim.  I'll be very happy if they say I can bike, and I'll be THRILLED if they say I can start running again.  What I suspect will happen is that I'll get the ok to swim, potentially bike, and probably not run for another few weeks.  But its also likely I'm just worrying for naught and I'll be running again in a week and able to run the half or full marathon at a relaxed pace with the Girl in three weeks.  Time will tell.  For now all I can do is wait.  And wait...   and wait.  I'm not very good at waiting though. 

Fortunately this waiting time is being filled with work.  I'm currently right back in Orlando working on a show.  Fortunately this show is pretty stress free and not very intense on the manual labor scale so thats great.  So I'm just killing time working and waiting.  While working I don't really have much free time but I do have internet and email access.  This is a good thing as although it doesn't allow me to focus on something intense like researching training plans.  However it does allow me to go shopping online occasionally in breaks and email people.  So I spent today emailing Joe at about taking my SRAM S60 Wheelset and taking it apart and wrapping it around a powertap.  So after I get home this weekend my rear wheel will be headed off to the guys at wheelbuilder to add a power meter to it.  I'm definitely looking forward to being able to train with power and the price was such that it made a lot more sense than a crank based approach that was twice the price.  Its also now moveable between bikes which is great.  But thats all I'll say about that...   I'll add more once the whole project is done.

So with that said I should go back to paying attention to rehearsal.  Just a few more minutes left in this rehearsal before our dinner break and then were right back at it again.  Time for me to go back to waiting.

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