Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Toys....

I had so much fun last year completing my first triathlon season that I set out a bunch of goals for this offseason to have an even better 2011 season.  Some of those goals were training goals which I have frustratingly not met so far (but theres still time!) and some of them were goals to arm myself with the best tools I could afford to train smarter and harder and be as fast as I possibly can.  In that side of things this offseason I've done spectacularly well.

I bought a brand new tri bike, moved my race wheels and rear seat cage system over to it, added a front bottle cage mount to it and most importantly...   bought a new bike computer to help me with two things.

1.  It has navigation in it so I when I start doing 100 mile rides I don't get lost.  I'm really good at getting lost.  So this one was sort of a must have.

2.  It better handles information from power meters which my old bike computer (Garmin 310xt) doesn't do very well.

While I was away in LA last week a lovely present showed up in the mail from the guys (ironically) on the west coast at  I shipped them my SRAM S60 rear wheel and they took it apart and slapped a Cycleops Pro+ Power meter in the middle of it!  So 2011 will be the year of training and racing by power for me.  Its time to train and race smarter!  Most importantly I want to pace my ironman purely by power to ensure as most a succesfull run off the bike as possible.  Here's a few shots of Cannon now that my bike is all done and ready to go for the season.


  1. Cannon is looking sexy! I have decided to save up for the Edge 800 and sell off my Joule. My plan is to bike to work twice a week to help to get some time in the saddle and the map veiws on the Garmnin are going to be a lot more useful than just the data on the Joule. So travels over the next couple of weeks, hope to get some training in when you get some home time!

  2. Hi Chris... I really like the 800 so far although its been too cold to get much time outdoors with it. I'm brining Cannon down to Florida with me for a couple of weeks pretty soon to a string of gigs so I'll get some quality time with the bike and the 800 soon. I'll let you know how it goes. And yes we must train together soon! My life gets back to semi normal (actually being home for more than 2 days) in mid April. So we'll have to hook up then and do some swim/bike bricks.