Thursday, March 24, 2011


Once again I find myself struggling to achieve balance...   in this case I'm referring to attempting to balance, work, training, love, life and everday responsibilities.  Travelling with work as much as I do the time you spend at home ends up being way too short to fit in all of the things you want to do.  I want to spend time with the girl, and train, and update my blog, and my training log, and ride/swim/run with friends and see my non triathlete friends and it all ends up being too much to cram into a 4 day span or however long I'm home for.  Which lately has been very little through a brutal stretch of gigs.

So what do you do?  Well the other day after a long discussion with the girl I deleted this blog.  Something had to give.  This seemed like the easiest thing to let go of.  At least at first it did.  It serves no purpose except to give me an outlet to think about my workouts and training out loud.  If someone else enjoys reading it all the better... but its main function is to help me process my workouts and training and life and how it all fits together.  And I'm afraid of losing that time when I think about it all again.  I don't want my training to turn into a bunch of workouts I crank through without thinking about and writing about the bigger picture.

So today I have undeleted this blog thanks to Google's policy of giving me 30 days to change my mind.  However I'm starting it up again under a new direction and thought process.  I'm only going to update it when time allows.  And I'm going to be more carefull with how I choose that time.  I'm not going to update this blog at the expense spending time with the people I care about or doing something else much more important.  So from now on this blog will only be updated while I'm on the road (which is often enough!) or during the course of my workday on a break.  No more nighttime blog updates, or any other time that could be or should be spent more wisely.  Whether thats spending it with a friend, or getting something done at home, or time with the girl, or stretching, or foam rolling, or seeing friends, or whatever better use of that time there may be.  I do enjoy this blog but I need to continue to keep in mind that time here is time not spent elsewhere... and there is a finite amount of time on this earth.  Sometimes I forget that...   I shouldn't. 

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