Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catching Up From Boca

Once again work has taken over a bit and so its been hard to keep up with training and blogging.  I'm thrilled to say that I did great last week training wise however.  I had a great week last week considering I was on the road and managed a nice little load of early season training.  Here's the weekly summary cut and paste directly out of Training Peaks.

(A): 8:59:13

Calories burned: 4770
Swim(A)5500 yds
Bike(A)103.23 mi
Run(A)1.70 mi

Did I just say Training Peaks?  Why yes I did...   I've switched from using Sport Tracks to using Training Peaks.  Largely as it deals with Power data better than sports tracks does and it also has a great ipad and iphone app that I can very quickly and easily update my workouts on the go from which makes a big difference.  Even better than that is that the data is stored online, its free, and I can update a workout from any of many devices I own and any computer with a web browser.  So from now on its where I'll be tracking all my training.  So lets dig through last weeks data quickly...
The (A) = total hours of training.  Training Peaks uses and A because you have the option to differentiate between actual hours of training (A) versus Planned hour of training (P) a feature I don't use as you can't book workouts ahead of time in the free version.  I may upgrade soon, but I want to play with the free version first.
After that are hourly totals of each sport for the week as well as distance totals.  So a nice tidy little sum in all disciplines.  Not what I would have loved which would be 4 swims, three bikes, three runs, and two strength.  But I'm taking March off of running, and worked a gig all last week.  So getting that training load in was quite good.
This week however is not going quite as well.  I did get a nice hard 32 mile ride in today which was awesome.  I felt great and strong and I really pushed today which was fun.  I had my highest average power yet (still not great but a start!) and I enjoyed the ride and the workout as well.  However...   so far I've only swam 1100yds this week which was one swim that didn't go terribly well as my legs were completely dead from riding all weekend and just didn't want to kick all that well.  I think riding late on Sunday afternoon and then swimming early early Monday morning was not a great combo.  On top of that the hotel pool here is even warmer than the last one which made the swim not much fun at all.  Like swimming in bath water.
On top of that my work schedule has been tough...  The only time I can swim in the hotel pool is early early morning.  After that its full of people all day making lap swimming impossible.  I've had to be at work at 7am every day this week except Monday (when I did swim) and that means having to getup at 430am.  Given the fact we just rolled the clocks forward this feels like getting up at 330am and my body has simply refused to do this.  So my hope is to swim Friday and perhaps Sunday if I can and be happy with that.  Thats still three times in a week which is my minimum goal.  I will do a long bike on Friday as well before heading north back for home so I'll get another nice long hard effort in too.  So this week will be a bit shy, but its still along the lines of where I should be at this point in the season.  So I can't complain too much.
I have to say I love being able to ride outdoors in Florida in the 70 degree weather!  Its so gorgeous out!  The winds were a bit nuts today but that just made the ride that much more hard and enjoyable at the same time.  Lots of other cyclists and triathletes out on the road today too which made it fun as well.
So next up...   tomorrow is a brutally long 13 hour workday where we do a mix of running shows and taking it all down and stuffing it in a truck.  No training will be able to get done tomorrow sadly.  Friday AM will be a swim / long bike day and then Saturday and Sunday will be all about the drive home.  I can't wait to see the girl as I've been away for three weeks now just about and I miss her dearly!  So ready to get home! 

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