Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 5K Update

5ks are quick and fast.  And so is this post going to be.

So this morning Nancy and I went for a run.  Her schedule had her slated for 9, mine for 6 so we went for 9.  It was nice run at a good even tempo.  My stomach wasn't super happy though towards the end.  I'm still wondering why it was such a mess yesterday.  I'm a bit worried it was the salt water.  If that happens in a race with an ocean swim thats going to be a really unpleasant bike ride.  Anyway... good run, nice route, good conversation made the time go by quickly.  So yeah... good run.

Not much else to add today.  Or at least nothing I have the time to add today. 

Tomorrow AM its a GVP swim with Luis and John to include a long wetsuit out and back around 1.2 miles and then taking the wetsuit off and swimming out as far as I can, resting on my back, and then going back.  Hopefully with no drowning in the middle bit.  We'll see.  I have decided however that my focus is currently not on non-wetsuit swimming.  Its on ocean swims and getting comfortable in a variety of ocean conditions.  Which I need to put a plan together for.  I'm a bit intimidated to just show up for a Frey Pryor swim session or the SSS group.  Their emails just say a meeting time.  Not the pace, not the distance they are covering or anything.  So I need to find someone to go with me so I have a partner who I can count on to stay with me if need be.  Which might make me a big wuss...  but yeah what of it?  You can call me that... but only if you've ever put a wetsuit on and swam out over a half mile from the shore line.  So yeah...  need to get down to narragansett and work on entering the water through waves and swimming out.  So I need to find some training partners for that.  Which of course I'll do through the fabulous Tri-NE.  Speaking of which I hear our club uniforms are in so I'm off to go pick mine up!

And hey...  what do you know....   3.2 paragraphs later I'm done.  (ok so not really... but I'm working with the 5K metaphor here)

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