Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Rest Day Before Race Day!

Today is a rest day.  And essentially it marks the end of the hard workouts until after the race on Sunday.  Only things left to do are attend the OWS clinic I'm going to tomorrow morning, and then a very very easy bike through of the race course tommorrow after the clinic and then back to home to get packed up for the race and go through all my gear one last time.  On Saturday I'll drive up to Lowell early for packet pickup, and then go for a very brief 5-15 minute swim on the race course just to guage the current I have to swim the first half of the race into so I know what to expect and to guage the water temperature and decide on which wetsuit (sleeved or non) that I'll be using.  I'll also shoot to drive the bike and run portions of the course on Saturday as well and then go relax for the afternoon and get checked into the hotel and try and get some sleep before the race on Sunday.

So today was another day off.  I decided if I was taking the day off from training I should take the day off from work as well.  So I had a staff meeting this morning in my office in my PJs.  There was a unanimous vote of 1 to not work and go to the beach instead.  (working for yourself sometimes has its perks) so I went to the beach with my friend Chel for the morning.
We were there from about 930-1pm or so and then I headed home to go lay on the couch and watch the tour de france stage from today.  Not a bad way to spend a rest day.  Now I'm trying to decide what to do about this swim clinic.  I never really looked all that closely at it.  Apparently it starts at 6am!  And its an hour and fifteen minute drive from here.  YUCK!  I could burn some more reward points and grab a hotel up that way which I might do.  Or I may just go to bed super early and shoot to leave by 4:30am.  UGH!  The thought of swimming for an hour after that is not appealing.  So I need to go and figure out what I'm going to do.  I could potentially skip the clinic and swim here at home instead at a more decent hour but theres some stuff in the clinic like mass starts, buoy turns, drafting and some other things I'd like to learn so I'll probably have to go the hotel route.  Which means I should go get my act together and pack my stuff up and think about heading out around 6pm or so to make the drive north.  Yep...  thats my plan.  So time for me to go get my act together and book the hotel and get the car all packed up.  I'll do the clinic, bike the course in Lowell and then go home and do some work and packup for the race.  So time for me to get moving!

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