Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekly Summary

Time for another weekly summary...   I need to get to work so I'll keep this quick!  But the process of writing them down helps me to evaluate where I'm at, so I don't want to skip these...

Running:   3 hours, 20 miles.  Average Pace of 9 min/mile.  Runs include relaxed 5 miler brick run after the TT, relaxed 13 mile long run, and the 5K trail race at 7min/mile.  Surprising that 7 min / mile gets you 21st out of 200, but the trails were very technical and tricky.  Not an easy course.

Swimming: 2 hours, 3 miles total, 3 workouts all in open water!  Yay me!  two of those had continuous mile long swims.

Biking: 9 hours, 134 miles total.  Average speed is low due to a slow recovery ride and the hilly long ride on Sunday where we only average 15.5.  So total average was only 15mph.  But thats ok.  TT was at 20mph average and thats what counts!

Weight Training:  zero...   this has been put on hold till after I've completed my three sprints.

Total Hours:  14!  Nice!  Total Distance covered between all three sports is 160 miles!

General thoughts...    great last week of hardcore training before heading into my month long period of a sprint tri almost every other week.  I'm looking forward to switching into race mode.  Figuring out how to train without overtraining and staying fresh for these races is going to be tricky.  But I'll figure it out.  Really I should just be focused on completing my first race regardless of time, and then picking individual things to work on in the other two with the strongest finish saved for the last one in Barrington.


I ran a 5K trail race this week and placed 21st out of 200 racers. (I just missed an age group award.  Damn 31 year old youngsters!) I felt pretty damn good about that.  However there was a price to pay.  It took my legs almost three days to recover from that.  I'm just not a short distance fast runner.  So I'll need to pay carefull attention to how I recover from these sprint tri's and keep an eye on my legs.  It may be time to head back to my massage therapist to aid in recovery.  Other highlights...   my swimming is getting better and better with two mile long swims this week that felt great and I also completed an 85 mile ride this weekend.  On top of that I also managed to finally break the 20mph average mark in the TT this week.  Hec looking  back at this week I should be damn proud.  I've come a long way in a short time period!  I haven't lost perspective though...  still such a long way to go!  And I couldn't help but thinking yesterday after the 85 mile ride about an ironman and whats its going to be like to have to run a marathon after a ride even longer that that.  Yikes!  Although as scary as it is it just motivates and excites me to get better and better!

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