Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Summary / Monday's Rambling

Time for a quick weekly update and then on to Monday's nonsense.

Last week was a big week of training for me that included a big weekend of workouts.  I'm pleased with how well it went and what I was able to learn from it.  The biggest takeaway being just how spent my legs felt doing the long run after a large brick the day before.  I need to keep training that way so my legs get more accustomed to running while beat up and I can pick my pace up a bit as 9'30"s are not going to cut it in the half!

So totals...

Swimming: 3 sessions, all in open water, 3.19 miles total, 2 hours.

Cycling: 3 sessions, 111 miles total, 7 hours total.

Running: 4 sessions, 33.5 miles total, 5 hours.

Total: 14 hours of training.

Not a bad week!

Onto Monday's Nonsense....

This morning started with an open water swim at GVP with Nancy and Cass.  I love swimming with other people.  The three of us didn't stay in a tight pack or anything, but its just nice when you breathe to one side and see someone, and then breathe to the other side and see someone else.  Its comforting to know there are people around you and its not just you in the middle of the lake.  Today's swim felt really good to me.  I kept a really nice and relaxed pace.  I tried to focus on form (reaching as far forward as possible), gliding as much as possible between strokes, and just finding a nice relaxed rhythm.  It wasn't a fast swim by any means, but it was a really relaxed one.  I found my mind was wandering to random thoughts during the swim which is always a good sign I've found a good groove.  This doesn't happen a lot in swimming for me yet so today was a good swim.  I'm very pleased.  In the end we did the dock swim in 42 minutes.  But that time also includes us chit chatting at the dock at the halfway point.  The real highlight of today other than being relaxed is my sighting.  Check this out....

The plan was to swim to the buoy, then follow the coastline to the dock, and then swim a straight line back to the beach.  Following the shore line is easy.  The straight line to the beach is sometimes tricky at GVP.  The sun gets in your eyes, the beach doesn't stand out from the rest of the shoreline all that well and theres an island that blocks your view of it for a little bit.  The above is definitely the straightest I've done that segment though.  I'm pretty damn happy with that.

Next up tomorrow...   another swim in the AM to make up for the fact I'm headed to Denver on wednesday, and then the providence bicycle TT course with a run tagged on at the end.  Should be a good day.  I just hope we get better weather than last week!

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