Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Setbacks...

So since the marathon on March 20th I've been resting my foot.  As well as that I decided I would try and rest up my right hamstring as well which has been something that has always been an issue with tightening up from time to time.  Fortunately I've been able to manage it by being carefull, not running more than 4 days a week, and a massage or two from time to time.

Biking doesn't seem to bother it which is good.  So really since the marathon biking, yoga, and a little bit of strength training is all I've done.  That was almost a month ago.  Even when I've done strength training I have avoided anything to do with my legs.  I've been really carefull and I was taking advanatage of the time to let my legs heal. 

Yesterday I had a major setback.  For the first time I figured I would do some work on my legs at the gym.  I did ONE excercise that directly involved my legs.  And they felt really fresh before I started.  I did a walking lunge to one legged press.  Nothing too traumatic on the hamstring, and its nothing that has ever caused me problems before.  I did two 25' length of them.  At the time the only pain I felt was in my arms!

I got back from the gym and showered and then blogged about it yesterday.  I felt a little sore but not that bad.  Maybe an hour after posting to my blog my right hamstring really really tightened up.  It was really bad yesterday and is still really really sore and tight.  I'm now limping.  Not awfully, but enough.  It hurts to sit down on it initially.  It hurts to move it...  it just plain hurts.  I think I may have pulled or torn something.  Which is really really not good.  I'm really sick of this.  I just want my body to behave itself and let me train and stop working against me!  I've babyed it and done all I can to let it heal.  This is just getting really really annoying.  AND I have a session to train with a swim coach slated for wednesday and friday that I'm really looking forward to.  And now I'm wondering if my leg will be ok in time for that.  Hec it feels bad enough I'm wondering if it feels ok enough to train at all for another month.  But maybe I'm just overreacting and panicing a bit.  This injury thing is just getting old...  really really old.

Part of me wonders if this has something to do with doing Yoga the day before.  My legs have been somewhat stiff in general the last few months and maybe Yoga was a bit to much for them?  Or perhaps strength training the day after yoga was too much for a potentially weakened leg muscle?  I'm starting to wonder what the hec to do about it?  Do I stop training for a month and see how I feel?  try and build strength in that leg again as soon as it heals?  I'm starting to go crazy here.  This is supposed to be a blog about training for a traithlon...  not a place for me to whine about not being able to train....

So frustrated!!!!  GRRRRR!!!!!

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