Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Toys!

A nice box of goodies just showed up from

The most anticipated of which was my new wetsuit!  Forgive the blury photo...   and thats not my kitchen either.  My downstairs neighbor was kind enough to help me get it zipped up and take a photo.  Thanks Jen!

As well as that a new tri suit, new LG Tri style bike shoes and cleats, a raincoat to wear on the bike, a race belt, and some more yankz laces to fit on my running shoes.  I now understand why people slather themselves with body glide before putting a wetsuit on.  When your first trying it on you can't use any, and it was not easy getting that thing on!  Not to mention its like a rubber oven in there!  But it makes me want to get up to speed faster in the pool so I can get some open ocean swims in.  But thats still a ways off...   ok.  Back to work for me.  Sorry the photo is a little blury!

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