Saturday, April 17, 2010


So last night I got a nice surprise.  One of my clients came up to me and told me he had arranged for us to be able to workout in the gym here at the venue this morning.  The event is at ESPN's Wide World of Sports in Orlando.  Which is also the training grounds for the Atlanta Braves in spring training, and some of the Tampa Bay Buc's players as well.  The staff here at the venue was kind enough to let two of us into their gym this morning to get a workout in.  I was psyched to be able to get some strength training in.  So today I did...

15 Minutes on a Spin Bike for Warmup
25x2 Swiss Ball Crunches
25x2 Swiss Ball Crunches w/ Arms Crossed
25x2 Swiss Ball Crunches w/ 15lb Weight on Chest
25x2 Swiss Ball Crunches w/ Arms Raised overhead
25x2 Reverse Swiss Ball Butterfly Crunches
15x2 Swiss Ball Press's w/ 25lb Weight
3x20 Plank Rows w/ 20lb Weight
2x25' of walking lunge to one legged press's w/ two 15lb weights
10 Minutes on a Spin Bike for Cooldown

All in all a nice one hour workout...   but my right hamstring felt good and tight at the end of it.  I've been really really kind to it the last three weeks and pretty much stayed off it except for being on the bike which doesn't seem to bother it.  So I'm a bit annoyed it feels tight.  But I'm just going to have to keep an eye on it and keep training through it and do my best to strengthen it.

I'm thinking of either going back to the gym tomorrow for some cardio (although their cardio selection is surprisingly poor).  They do have some spin bikes though...   so perhaps I'll just do an hour on the bike.  Either that or Yoga again to keep working on staying loose.

My routine this morning to fit this in around my work schedule was that I was at work at 630-8AM, Gym, 8-9, and then back at work at 945am-Midnight.  Not the easiest schedule to train around and keep at it for several days in a row. 

I'm definitely in good spirits after a good workout though.  I'm glad to be surrounded by good people who know that I'm much happier when I get my workout in!  : )

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