Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Legs Are Back!

Just a quick update to say I just finished a great one hour ride doing laps of Blackstone Boulevard today.  Other than having to deal with the traffic to turnaround every 1.5 miles its a nice loop with some subtle rolls in it.  I wanted to play with my cadence meter today.  Apparently I have a naturally high cadence.  At least assuming the meter is working correctly.  I was quite comfy in the 90-110 range without any trouble.  Granted I need to work on being able to handle harder gears at that same cadence... but still...  its nice to know I don't have to work too hard on a high cadence.  My running cadence is pretty high too so I was hoping that would transfer over.  Apparently it has.  My right calf is a tiny bit tight, but its nothing some stretching, icing, and foam rolling won't fix.  All in all a great little ride.  And a great day of swimming and biking!


  1. Hi Nick...I ran into your blog! Thinking of getting a cadence meter it worth the $$ or if I have a garmin, is that good enough?

  2. Hi Cindy... I do think the cadence meter is worth the money. For two reasons... one being that the instaneous speed readings you get from the speed/cadence meter are much more accurate than what you get from the gps speed calculation from the watch. But... if all you are interested in is average speed that doesn't really matter as GPS does that fine. But if you want to know exactly how fast your going currently then the speed/cadence meter does a better job of that. The other reason to get one is that its nice to know your hammering out a steady cadence. I'm hoping to use it as a training aid so that I can work my way up to holding the same cadence in harder gears. I like having lots of data to look at to guage my progress and to help with training. For me the speed/cadence meter does just that. It also wasn't all that expensive so to me it was worth it.

    By the way theres a great blog and a fantastic review of the 310XT and pretty much all of its acessories here:

    This guy has a great blog. Well worth a visit. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll do my best to help.