Friday, August 20, 2010

Dale Gets New Shoes!

I happened to notice that Providence Bicycle had a 15% off sale on in stock wheelsets.  I've been hoping to get a set before the season ends so that I won't have to buy those AND a new tri bike next year.  I figure the more things I buy this year the less I have to buy next year.  Plus they were ON SALE!  So really instead of spending money today I SAVED money.  Hmmm....    I never beleived that when anyone said that to me either.

Point is...   Dale Got New Shoes!  They are such a good match that they look stock.  It looks HOT!  If its as fast as it looks its going to be awesome.  I spent a long time talking with Sean about options and I decided the SRAM's were a nice compromise.  A lighter, deeper, more aero wheel than I have now, without having to drop 2-3grand on a set of zipps.  In the end I also went with a different cassette than what I have now.  I went with an 12-28 instead of the 12-25 so my granny gear has gotten a little easier which will let me have a higher cadence on the hills which is where I like to be pedalling wise so it will feel more natural to me.  I also went with the SRAM Red cassette as between that and the wheelset I shaved about a 1/2 pound off my bike today.  More importantly though I'll be more aero.  Which is a good thing.  And while I was there I also got some bar tape for my aerobars.  As I was getting sweaty and the carbon surface was getting really slippery on long rides.

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