Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quickie Update....

Ugh...   long hours and long days out here.  Yesterday was a long 12 hour setup day.  By the time that was over and I'd eaten a late dinner there was no time for any workouts.  Today is going to be just as bad...  in fact worse.  Theres just little time on this job to get much in.  Today I'm starting late enough I could have fit a workout in, but I have to work so long and so physical a day that I feel like I need to save my energy for work or I'll run out of gas at 11pm and I have to work till close to 4am tonight.  Mind you my days are full of phsycial labor and activity so thats good, but training is just going to be tricky.  I'll likely get something in tomorrow though, and next week I'll be back at it in full swing with my first two day training block on the FIRM course, and the Barrington YMCA sprint on the weekend.  So I'll be right back at it.  So the back half of this week is going to be a recovery / rest week I think.  Theres just no other way around it.

In other news...   I surprised myself the other day.  I struggle constantly with work / life balance.  In fact right now I'm here at this event because I was contracted to be here quite some time ago.  I can't get out of this show, or be replaced by someone else.  This weekend my younger brother is getting married and I won't be there because I have to be here.  Thereby cementing my place as the black sheep in my family.  In my business a commmitment is a commitment and the second you back out of a contracted job your blacklisted and sunk.  And since I booked the job before my brother picked his wedding day I'm here instead of there.  So yes...  I struggle with work / life balance.  Yesterday however,  I did something that surprised me.  I was offered three weeks of a work on a project.  However the first day of that job was 9/12.  The day of the FIRM 1/2 Ironman.  I've been looking forward to that day for a long time.  So I turned the job down.  Yep.  I turned down somewhere between 8-10,000 dollars worth of work so I can complete one race.  Money is not everything, and neither is career.  There are at times some things are more important.  And yesterday I decided that completing the FIRM meant more to me.   This particular client likes my work so much they are actually trying to see if its possible for me to fly in on the 13th instead of the 12th, but I am not going to hold my breath as missing the first day of setup is sort of impossible to get away with.  Perhaps it was a foolish decision...   but its the one I'm happy with.  I want this race too much to let it go. 

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