Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Back on the road again...   this time in Raleigh, NC.  Today has been a pretty brutal day.  I'm exhausted.  It started out well though....

I got up at 5am and was at the hotel gym by 5:30.  My plan for today called for running six miles.  I decided I wanted to turn that into a speed workout.  Which although not the same on a treadmill is still challenging.  So my workout went like this....

Mile 0-.5 :9min/mile
Mile .5-1 : 8:30min/mile
Mile 1-2 : 8min/mile
Mile 2-3 : 7:30min/mile
Mile 3-4 : 7:00min/mile
Mile 4-5 : 6:30min/mile
Mile 5-6 : 6min/mile

And then a little cool down jog and I was done.  I like doing these sets where the speed gets faster and faster on a treadmill.  They occupy the mind nicely and make the workout go by quicker.  You almost start to want the miles to take longer so you don't have to speed up.  And of course anything you want to last longer goes by quicker.  So before you know it you are all done.

After that it was off on the hunt for coffee and then a quick shower and off to work.  Work today was brutal.  Have you ever been to a concert and seen all those trusses covered in lighting and scenery in the air?  Well in order to get those trusses in the air you use what are called "chain motors".  I have loads of those here at this gig in order to get all my trusses up in the air.  These motors use special power called "three phase power".   Venues like the one I'm in have special electricians on staff whose job it is to provide this power to me.  We (the show) had specified exactly what was supposed to be there by 9am this morning.  I won't bore you with the details but it wasn't ready at 9am.  It still wasn't ready at 11am.  In fact in the end I didn't have any power to raise the gear into the air till 12:55pm.  Which was exactly five minutes before the crew had to go to lunch.  Awesome.  So I didn't get anything in the air till 3pm.  I usually have stuff up in the air on this gig by Noon at the latest.  I've setup this same show over and over again in the last five years.  I know exactly how long it should take.  And not having power for 4 hours really screwed me.  So we had to spend the rest of the day cranking to make up for lost time.  In the end at the end of the day I caught up to pretty close to where I should be but it wasn't fun.  So it was not a fun day today at all.

On the plus side I did manage to get to a grocery store tonight so that I can make my own meals while I'm out here and dodge the fried catering treat du jour out here.  So that was good.  But on the negative side of things I was so hungry from skipping lunch today (I spent lunch frantically working while the crew was sent away to make up for lost time) that I ate an entire bag of granola and way too much food tonight.  Ugh.  Not good.  I really don't do well when I don't eat at regular intervals.  And tonight's binge is just the price I had to pay for not having something with me to eat for lunch today.  Ugh.  Its my own fault.  Food and hunger can get pretty roller-coaster-y for me if I'm not carefull and don't keep a small but steady of food coming in.  When I screw it up my body reacts with uncontrollable hunger and it sometimes gets the best of me.  Ooops.  At least I binge on healthy food typically.  And no I'm not proud of this...  I just share it because its part of the journey.

Next up...     one hour random hill workout on the hotel spin bike and then another long setup day.  Hopefully it will be a better day than today was!

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