Monday, August 9, 2010

One More Quickie....

Ok...   one more quickie update and then its back to business as usual with some nice long updates tomorrow.

Today is my fourth off day in a row.  I know...   its awful.  But my work and travel schedule has flat out sucked lately.  Today theres technically some time to get some training in but tomorrow will be a long swim in the morning, and a very long bike/run brick on the TT course in the afternoon, followed by a long run and a swim the day after that.  So really theres just no option to train today as I need all my energy for the next two days. 

The only other quick update is that my work situation in September has resovled itself and I'm thrilled to say that the show I was offered is no longer available so I'm still on for the FIRM 1/2!   Woohoooo!  It was meant to be.

In possible negative/positive news...   I still can't seem to find a marathon that fits my work schedule.  I'm now looking at the Disney marathon but I have a lead on a show that same weekend so now who knows...   Its getting really frustrating as I want to just get registered for one and now its coming and plan for it accordingly. other news...   I have family from England over who were in town for my brother's wedding that I just missed.  They leave tomorrow which is the only time I have that I can try and see them....    and yet tomorrow is jammed with work and training commitments.  Ugh...    I really am cementing my place as the black sheep in my family.  I just can't seem to juggle it all anymore.  Maybe it gets easier with practice.  Right now I'm sucking at it.  I can only seem to keep work and training goals alive and everything else is falling apart.  Friendships outside of training, dating, all of it is falling apart.  At this point I'm just focused on the FIRM and work and all else is just going to have to trainwreck for a while until September and I'll pick up the pieces then.  Does that make me a bad person?

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