Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 Days and Counting....

With only 5 days till race day I'm deep into the taper at this point.  This morning started with a thirty minute ride with 5x1 minute intervals.  30 minutes goes by fast on a bike.  Too fast in fact.  I had no interest in stopping.  I started thinking things like ...."hmmm...   does a cooldown ride count as part of the thirty minutes?" and other things to convince myself it was ok to ride longer.  Instead I put my bike back in the car at the thirty minute mark, stretched for a bit, and then went and got coffee.  While stretching I noticed my right calf was really tight.  Not sure what thats all about.  Fortunately though I knew there would be a fix for that later in the day.

So after getting settled in my office and catching up on all things tri related online I set about getting some work done.  And then at 10:30 this morning a lovely calendar alarm went off saying that I'd better get going as I have a 90 minute massage to get to!

I haven't been to see my massage therapist in a long time.  Mostly as all this cross training in triathlon has done wonders for some of the nagging hamstring issues I had in the past that had me visiting my MT often.  Mainly I scheduled the appointment as a nice reward for myself to celebrate making it all the way through my training.  I went with a 90 minute massage so we could get a whole body workover done.  It was heavenly!  Turns out that although I've been feeling really good there was still a lot of tension and tightness pretty much everywhere.  Mostly in my calves, but to some degree in my quads, and also in my shoulders.  Laying there for 90 minutes while someone fixes all of that is pretty awesome.  I spent the time in the beginning chit chatting as my legs got worked on, but once I flipped over to get my shoulders and back tweaked I zoned out and went to my happy place.  Its amazing how quickly 90 minutes goes by.  I was sad when it was all over but I felt really great.  Initially though when I walked out of there my right calf where which was worked on a lot today was really sore.  However after an afternoon back in compression gear it feels much better.

The rest of today has been pretty crazy work wise.  I'm doing my best this week to manage the work stress and try and keep it at a distance.  But its tough with everything going on.  Worse than all of that though is the fact that my parents are currently out on cape cod vacationing and I don't think I can make it out there.  Considering its a two hour drive each way to get out there, plus time to spend with them and its at least a six hour window.  I simply don't have one of those this week at a time that makes sense.  So I hated to do it but I sent them a message today saying I won't be able to make it.  I'll have to try and make it up to them another time. 

Next up for tomorrow is going to be a long work day full of conference calls and other such fabulousness and then its off to Narragansett for one last ocean swim and a brief run before heading back home again.

Right...   thats it from me.  Time for me to get back to work.

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