Friday, September 17, 2010

Post Half

You know its funny how great it feels to cross the finish line of a big race you've been working towards for a long time, and how strange it feels just a few days later when you've met that goal.  I have been on a pretty great high all week from Sunday.  I think I'd still be super happy if it weren't for the fact that the work stress I kept at bay before the half has now come rushing in.  I'm burried under a mountain of it and I've been working round the clock to try and get it all done.  I did manage to have a couple of nights of fun this week with some friends which was much needed and very enjoyable.  But once I'm back in my office the reality of the mountain of work I'm faced with from now until mid November is upon me.  Once I get there though its smooth sailing and probably two months of no travel except for the marathon in early January.  I'm very much looking forward to being home after all this chaos is over.

So in the meantime whats next training wise....   well this week has been a bit of a disaster training wise.  I was obviously pretty sore on Monday.  Tuesday I swam 3/4 of a mile at GVP and that felt rough, but ok.  It certainly helped loosen things up a bit.  On wednesday I got in a two hour ride which felt awful at first but much better towards the end.  Thursday I was supposed to swim but there just wasn't time in the end, and today I'm going to see what happens when I try and run.  A large portion of my tri club is racing at the TDD Sprint Triathlon on Saturday morning and then having a large BBQ afterwards.  I still haven't decided if I am going to race or not.  My hamstrings still feel a little tight.  So I'll see what happens when I run.  If after the run I feel ok I may just go for it.  But if I don't feel good running I'm not going to risk the injury.  I'll just go and cheer my friends on.  Sadly I have to skip the BBQ though...   I need to get back to work immediately afterwards as I'm going away Sunday-Wednesday on a business trip and theres much to do to get ready. 

In other random thoughts...    if you've been eating really healthy food for a long time and you suddenly drink lots of beer and eat calamari and nachos at 10pm.  Bad things happen to your stomach.  It sure did taste good, but it sure as hec wasn't worth it!  I have indulged quite a bit this week actually.  I'm sure I've added a pound or two that I'll now have to shave back off.  But I certainly deserved it.

So now I need to think about the sprint tomorrow, another sprint in Newport a week later and then the triathlon season is at a close and it will be time for me to focus on offseason training, swimming in the pool, finding a swim coach, finding a tri coach, and getting ready for my crazy 1/2+Full Marathon weekend challenge.  Which I need to get my act together and put a training plan together for soon as its time to start running long again and getting ready for it.

Right... time for me to head back to work, but I did want to get a quick update in.  Updates may be a bit scattered in the coming month as work is about to increase in intensity about ten fold.  But hopefully I won't leave it too long.

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