Friday, September 10, 2010

Two Days to Go!

Holy Cow!  Only two days left!

This morning I was up at 445am and headed off to GVP to get a swim in nice and early.  I decided to stay true to my taper and only swim a 1/2 mile this morning.  The rest of the gang went out and did the 1.1 mile dock swim.  I wanted to join them but I forced myself to behave.  Wednesdays swim was a pretty physically challenging one in those conditions and I need to rest my arms and shoulders so they are sharp for race day so I behaved myself.

I did the short swim and then got changed and ready to run and waited for the group to return.  Fortunately for me another club member was willing to join me on the run.  So we went for a nice brief 2.5 mile run.  We averaged 8:30s which was a nice easy pace and it felt like that was what my legs wanted to do today.  At first I was surprised I wasn't running faster like the other day but then I pushed that out of my mind.  I'm starting to get a little neurotic and panicy and focusing on too many inconsqeuntial minute details.  I've got the taper crazies something fierce.  In a way I guess its good I'm burried in work right now as it means I can't sit and think about the race all day.

Out of the five of us who swam today 3 of us are doing the FIRM and one of us has just recently finished the Timberman half.  And pretty much everyone agreed that there is no point to doing a 10min/10min/10min SBR brick on Saturday before the race.  I've yet to figure out what the purpose of it is.  And the more I think about it the more I think I'm just going to go down to packet pickup Saturday morning, attend the race meeting at 11am, sit on the beach and meditate a bit and try and center myself and go through my race plan a few times and then head off to get ready for the carb loading lunch a club member is hosting.  I think training wise I should just take it as a rest day.  I don't know if I'm going to get any benefit from doing anything.  Although if its nice out weather wise I may take a quick did sans wetsuit.  But we'll see.

Ok...  today is an insanely busy day...  lots of work to get done and lots going on!

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