Thursday, June 10, 2010

Belated Weekly Summary

I'm trying to keep these weekly training summaries up to date but I keep getting behind.  And its thursday and I still haven't done last weeks.  Fortunately I'm procrastinating finishing packing so I'll do this instead.

So last week, (wee of Monday 5/31-66)

Total Training Hours: 9

Out of town for 6 of those 7 days in Colubus, OH for work.


2 Hours of Strength Training (2 sessions)

19 miles of running (5 miler, 5K as part of an indoor brick, and an 11 miler on a treadmill)  Average pace of all that was 7:35/mile

2 hours of pool time split over three sessions

50 miles of cycling (one 30 mile interval ride at home, and one 20 mile indoor brick ride)

Considering I was away for almost the entire week I'd say thats a pretty good week of training.  Not as much swimming and cycling as I'd like but I've more than made up for that this week.

Takeaways from the week?

1.  My running speed is coming back! and I worked my long run up to double digits.  My legs are feeling stronger every day on the run.  Love it!

2.  My swim technique is improving slightly... but my swim fitness and endurance still needs a lot of work as I can't seem to put long distances without a little rest together yet.

3.  I ate really healthily while travelling this week.  I always find a way to, but this week I was a lot more well rounded in my choices and didn't just stick to chicken caesar salads with no dressing.  It helped that there were so many great restaurants and markets near the venue which is often not the case.

And my weight is still hanging in there at 138-9lbs with a body fat percentage still solidly between 8-9%.  Awesome!

Great week!

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