Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Summary Week of 6/14 "Vacation"

So I'm going to put the word "vacation" in quotes...   as really I should call this something like a training-cation.  Or something considering that I haven't slowed down one bit....

But heres the summary....

Total hours of training this week: 13.5

Strength Training - Zero!  Yep...   that is the one thing I skipped during vacation.  I just didn't have the energy to do that as well as all the walking, hiking, fun stuff I've been doing.  Oops.

Running:  26.68 Miles total.  Average pace of 8:17/mile

Cycling: 114 miles, split between three rides, a 14 as part of a brick, 30, and a 70.  Average speed of 15.1mph which is lower due to the 30 mile recovery ride at a pretty slow pace.

Swimming: 2.5 hours.  Split via three sessions, all in the pool.

All in all a great week.  Add in all the hiking and walking I've also been doing and even despite all the food I've been eating out here I may not have gained any weight!  We'll find out on Friday morning.

Next up this week....

Open water swim tomorrow, swim/bike/run brick on tuesday, swim/run on wednesday, and then fly home on thursday.

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