Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm Sleepy and Dizzy! Slizzy? Deepy?

This morning started off by getting up at 530am and heading to that silly little 10 yard hotel pool.  I was determined to get a quality workout out of it though.  I put in 40 minutes of time in there.  And I THINK I did approximately 1000 yards.  Mostly in 100 yard sets.  Which is 10 lengths of that tiny little thing.  Which is enough to make you dizzy.  I will not miss that pool....  not one bit.  But...  it did allow me to focus on some technique things.  But the frustrating bit was that you would sort of stumble on to something (something would feel faster or smoother) and before you could do it again you were at the wall.  Hard to keep a train of thought or motion going.  I can't wait to get in the open water tomorrow morning and see what my progress is on distance I can do.

I have a sort of secret extremely ambitious goal to swim a quarter mile straight tomorrow twice.  Once out to the rock at Lincoln woods and then rest there, and then once back to shore for a half mile total with only one rest break.  Backstroke will be allowed if needed but stopping will not be unless necessary.  Its ambitious, but thats my goal.  And I want it.  BAD.  Cause I NEED to start getting to the half mile continuous swim point soon so that I can then move beyond that and know going into the tri I can swim 3/4 of a mile to a mile, but that I'll only have to swim a 1/2 mile.  Now that would give me some serious confidence.

So after the swim I headed into work for what was a very quick teardown of the show.  I was in at 730 and we closed the last truck around 1pm.  Which was great...   it also meant I could change my flight and get home by 8pm tonight which rocks, so all my OWS gear is laid out for tomorrow and ready to go.  So I'm off to bed to go and get rested up.  Busy day tomorrow of an OWS in the morning, followed by possible a nap!  (I am on vacation after all!) and then lunch, and then the PB Time Trial / Brick race tomorrow evening that I'm really excited to try and set a new official best time for.  I want to aim for a 45:00 minute time.  I may only get a 46, but I really want a 45!  we'll see.

Ok...  time for me to go tip over...


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