Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Why stop at just three sports in one day?  Lets go kayking too!

My friend Andrew and I signed up for the sunset kayak trip with one of the local kayak guide places.  The currents are pretty strong here and combined with water you can only survive for about 8 minutes in before hypothermia sets in means you really should only kayak out here if you are in a group, and you are with someone who knows and understands the tides and currents.  Turns out Andrew and I are the only one's who signed up for the tour so it was just us in a tandem kayak (noone out here rents solo ocean kayaks unfortunately) and two guides.

I did this trip last year and it was amazing....   this year's trip was really beautifull...  but unfortunately our guides were pretty lackluster.  We had a new woman who was training to take out her own groups who said about 4 words, and the annoying guy who called everything "rad" and made lots of bad jokes, and would constantly make up facts and tell you them, and they say...  no not really.  It was pretty lame.  But I still made the best of it.

Kayaking out on the water at sunset is really beautifull here.  Its breathtaking... and the silent moments listening to the ocean and the wind are what really recharge my batteries.  At least in the moments when captain rad boy wasn't yammering away. 

Wildlife wise we saw bald eagles, lots of harbor seals, an otter, and a Minke Whale Mother and Calf that was pretty amazing.  Sadly though no Orcas from the kayak.  But it was still a great paddle.  The water was so calm that it reflected the sky and it was just breathtaking.  It realy is so beautifull out here.  You really have to experience it but hopefully the pictures below do it some justice.  There really is no better way to end a day than watching the sun set from a kayak.

Next up...  Tomorrow is my last day on the island.  So I'll start it with a swim in the pool, and then I think we may go out on my friend's boat, and probably end up at Lime Kiln park one more time to watch the Orcas swim by, and then were all going out to dinner tomorrow night.  Somewhere in there I have to pack my bike back in the case too.  Its going to be a busy, but good day.

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