Monday, June 21, 2010

Rest Day!

So I keep hearing about these rest day things.  Apparently they are good for you.  And although I had originally planned for an open water swim today that sort of fell apart and I opted to do nothing instead.  When I woke up this morning I don't think it was even 50 degrees out.  Its also been cold or cool for a few days out here.  So the outside air temp, and the water temps out here are pretty cold so we opted out of the swim.  Here in the Northwest at this time of year the highs are only in the 60s.  Its not like back home where its in the 80's this week.  I was bummed we cancelled, but it wasn't worth freezing our asses off for.

So then I laid down on the couch with a book thinking about what I would do today.  I felt pretty sore and beat up this morning.  And then the couch felt so comfy and warm and I just didn't want to leave it.  And I haven't other than to eat or get a drink or whatever.  I've been on this couch since about 9AM.  It feels good.  And once noon came around it was pretty clear this is what my body wanted.  So I've spent the entire day replying to emails, goofing off on facebook, reading blogs, online forums, and I finished my "First Traithlons" book and got pretty deep into a mix of Gale Bernhardt's "Training Plans for Multisport Athletes" as well as Joe Friel's "The Triathlete's Training Bible".  Although I feel fairly confident in my current training methods after I finish the pair of sprints I have planned for August I want to get serious about laying down a giant foundation of training for a half ironman next year.  I also want to get much more serious about my training, and start paying much more attention to intervals, heart rates, and hopefully a power meter at some point.  I'd love to do more tri's this year, but my work schedule seems to have me out of town on all the good race weekends which is really bumming me out.  Frankly its one of the many reasons I keep considering a change of career or jobs.  I'm tired of work travel getting in the way of my training and race plans.  Its damn frustrating.  Not to mention it makes things like friendships and relationships challenging as well. 

I only have two more days out here on San Juan Island before I have to make the long journey home.  Thursday is going to be a brutal travel day which starts with getting on the 6am ferry to the mainland, a two hour drive to return the rental car, then to the aiport, connect in Chicago and get into providence just before midnight.  Ugh.  Anyway...   only two more days out here on SJI.  Tomorrow will be a full brick day.  I'll swim in the morning, go back and change clothes and then do an olympic length bike/run brick.  And then after that I'll have to dissasemble and pack up my bike.  Wednesday will just be a swim and run day.  With any luck I'll also fit a sunset kayak trip in out here tomorrow too if the weather is good.  I hope to see the Orcas from a kayak again.  That was amazing when that happened last year.  The sound of their breathing and the giant dorsal fins rising out of the water seen from kayak level was unreal.

Wow this entry is really all over the place today.  Much the way my thoughts are today.  Part of me is bummed that I burned a vacation day doing nothing...  and part of me thinks thats exactly what you should do on a vacation day.  Anyway...  here's hoping I have a good day of training and fun tomorrow after a solid day of rest.

There was one other thing I wanted to touch on today though...    When I started my journey to start working out and get healthy my friends were very supportive and they really helped drive me.  So I always said to myself that I wanted to do the same for others.  So when I can I try and be as encouraging and helpfull as I can be.  I try also to set a positive example where I can and remind people that if I can do it and come from where I was to where I am now that anyone can do it.  I'm very very proud to say that I have been told by several of my friends that I have inspired them to start running, or do their first 5K, or join a gym, or eat a little more healthy.  I can't say enough how much joy that brings me.  This is a note I got from a friend of mine yesterday...  this particular person is referring to how all my facebook comments about my journey helped spur their own mission on to start training to run their first 5K.

"But I'll tell ya man, you really have made me think in all this time I've been watching you. All your posts and your "no excuses " attitude ,.. really has been one of the things that got me thinking. So Thanks. "

These little notes make it all worth it to me.  They push me to go further, faster, and harder.  Much in the same way that my facebook posts and this blog being out their publicly makes me accountable to my friends, fellow athletes, and any other random person that may stop by and read this.  Knowing that I've inspired six of my friends to run their first races or take on a new challenge, or start a new workout routine that they otherwise wouldn't have is pretty special to me.  More than any PR will ever be.  Its just a nice thought to reflect on during a rest day.  Believe me when I say that me helping those people out is the least I can do for all the amazing and positive encouragement that you they provided me with along the way.  Truly I am rich in friends.

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