Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Rest Day and Weekly Summary

Today is theoretically a rest day.  However I had planned to do a swim today. Well sort of.  Swimming today is optional.  However after getting up at 5am yesterday and having a long fun day I was in no mood to be all that active this morning.  I woke up feeling pretty exhausted and incoherent.  And being that swim partner for the morning also wasn't all that excited about it we both happily let it go away.  Which is why I was excited when I got an email a little later from someone else suggesting we swim at 6pm today.  Perfect!  So I set about trying to get some work done throughout the day and right around 5pm the heavy rains and thunderstorms started.  Ugh.  Weather forecast has a thunderstorm warning in it for pretty much all night and it looked awful.  Of course its now 6:30pm and sunny of course... but I suspect it will start up again.  The radar didn't look good so cancelling the swim instead of being a 1/2 mile from the beach when the lighting starts was probably a good idea.  But I'm bummed as I was going to go for my first continuous mile swim tonight.  Oh well..   instead I'm going to try it tomorrow morning with the 6am group.

So now I'm just feeling entirely useless.  I stopped work at 5 and have done nothing but read tri junk and other facebook silliness online, and other such unproductive pursuits.  I haven't done any cleaning, unpacking, vacation photo organizing or anything else I should be doing.  And even worse I've been eating Apple butter sandwhiches all day because I have so little food in the house.  So really I shouldn't be writing this, I should at the very least be out food shopping.  But that seems exhausting too as I need to go to Target, Trader Joes, and Shaws to do all that.  I need a lot of stuff! 

Anyway, in the last hour I was reading an entertaining thread on about terms you would use when getting passed by people you wish hadn't passed you during a triathlon.  Such as...

geezered...   for getting passed by someone much much older than you
chick'd...   for getting passed by a woman.
elvis'd...    getting passed by a dude in an Elvis costume.  This one has lots of variations for all the crazy people who like to run 5ks mostly in costumes.  It sucks when they pass you.  At least thats what I'm told : )
Richard Simmons'd...   getting passed by anyone in an animal print speedo
junionred...   getting passed by a child
hot chick'd..   getting passed by someone you enjoy watching go by which then turns into my favorite term...

Pace Booty!   Which is for lack of a better way of explaining it...   a great piece of tail you can happily stare at while you hold a steady distance behind them letting them pace you all the way to the finish.  And yes...   I have been guilty of this.  During marathons's "pace booty" can get you through a lot of miles.  And don't think this just applies to men.  I know many women who are equally of fond of "pace booty".  I just hand't heard it called that before.

Ok...  so weekly summary.  I'm gonna make this quick and then go do some grocery shopping.

Last week I ran, I swam, I biked, and I didn't do any weight training.  but I did do some kayaking, hiking, and a whole lot of walking while on vacation.  Total training volume is down a bit as I had two rest days last week.  One after the weekend of a 13 mile run, 3 hour kayak paddle, 70 mile bike ride on monday which was needed and scheduled.  And one no thursday as I was travelling home from 5am-2am. 

Highlights...    great open water practice with Penelope where I learned some key relaxtion techniques and my new mantra...  "swim like the fat old ladies at the pool", and a fantastic olympic brick workout where I came of the bike running 7:30s initially for a 10K and settled into 8s on a hilly course.  I also had a great 50 miler on Sunday that I felt nice and strong through most of which was great.

Total Training Hours: 9.25

Running: 22 miles, 3 runs

Bike:  70 miles, 2 rides.  (thursday travel day would have been my third ride)

Swim: 1.5 hours  2 Open water sessions

Weight Training...   I lifted some spoonfulls of ice cream into my mouth.  Does that count?  C'mon!  I was on vacation!  Seriously... the weight training had to go... all the hiking, kayaking, and everything fun I was doing was just too tiring to double up on workouts at the same time.  So I took a couple weeks off from the weights.

so there you have it. 

Next up...   some quality open water swim workouts this week where I'll decide between the Oly or Sprint Tri for my first on the 11th, and a new longest ride planned for Sunday of 82 miles.  I can't wait!  Ok...  now I'm off to go get some groceries...   I promise.

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