Saturday, June 5, 2010

Indoors.... its the new outdoors!

So apparently everyone is moving their workouts indoors today.  Buzz on the Tri-NE discussion board is that nasty thunderstorms forced everyone to cancel their morning workouts or move them indoors.  Here in Columbus that was my only option for the brick workout I wanted to do today. 

Last night I made it directly from work to bed around midnight.  My alarm went off at 6am and I was up and at em and into work by 630.  I turned the rig on, changed a blown lamp, tweaked a thing or two and then headed off to the gym.  Met fellow crew member Rob-A-Roni at the gym down the street at 7am (the hotel gym is awful!) only to discover they don't open till 8am.  Fortunately there was a Starbucks across the street so we stopped for coffee and walked about for an hour till the gym opened.

Once the gym opened I jumped on one of two stationary bikes (fortunately a brand new one) set it to random hill workout at around a 70% difficulty setting and went at it.  In the end I did just over 20 miles in the hour on the bike, and managed quite the giant puddle of sweat under and all over the bike.  So I'd say it was a quality bike workout considering I didn't actually go anywhere.  Quick mop up of the bike and over to the treadmill for a quite good 5K workout.

After mostly doing my bricks on the Providence Bicycle TT course that starts with that nasty hill I was beginning to wonder if I could actually start a brick run at faster than a 10mi/min pace.  Fortunately I was happy to find that on the treadmill set at a 1% incline I was able to get up to 8mi/mile pace within thirty seconds of stepping on it.  In fact it felt so good I decided to do a descending set for the 5k that went like this....

Mile 1 8mi/mile
Mile 2 7:30mi/mile
Mile 2-2.5 7 mi/mile
Mile 2.5-3 6:45 mi/mile
Mile 3-3.2 6:30 mi.mile.

Felt great!  So apparently I can manage a little speed off the bike.  I'm curious to see how this translates to the non treadmill world though on a 5K course that doesn't start with a mile long hill.

After all that I was back at work by 10:30am and I'll be here again till midnight.  So no rest for me today.  Tomorrow I hope to get a 10 mile run in.  Now the funny bit about running ten miles is the way my job works.  I have to come in at 6:30am and turn everything on.  I don't have to be back at work till 10:30am.  However...  I can't be more than about ten minutes away from the venue in case theres a problem.  So my ten mile run will have to consist of a route that either takes place entirely on a treadmill.  Yuck!  or is made up of ten laps of a one mile loop around the venue so I won't be that far away if something goes wrong.  Not exactly fun either!  But this is the nonsense I have to put up with while training on the road.

Right then...  back to work.  I hope everyone manages to get their workouts in today!


  1. Nick,
    I am truly inspired by your dedication. I hope the next time we ride together, that perhaps it will rub off on me. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Nancy you are too kind! I'll trade you some dedication for some riding tips! I'm looking forward to riding together soon. Your routes are way more interesting than mine! I'm home Tuesday-Thursday of this week and then away till the 24th. So hopefully we can get a ride in after I get back. Any chance you can make the TT on Tuesday?