Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday a new toy showed up!  My Withings scale arrived yesterday.  Essentially the Withings scale is a bathroom scale that very accurately measures both body weight, and body fat percentage.

You can find a fabulously detailed review of it here:

Ray's reviews are always worth a read by the way...  he is very detail oriented, and if he says its accurate its good enough for me!

So...  after reading Ray's review and hearing him say that the scale is accurate based on comparrison to several other methods he has had his body fat percentage measured that was good enough for me to order one.  It showed up yesterday afternoon.  I had it configured and ready to stand on within minutes.  Its setup is really easy, and its very nice looking too.

But here's the good bit....

After two very focused years that involved a complete and total lifestyle overhaul, nutrition overhaul, and training overhaul I finally made it!!!!

8.2%!!!!   Single Digits Baby!!!  I'm so excited I can't stand it!  I was thrilled to stand on the scale and see it report that back to me.  I love it!  I've worked so damn hard and reaching single digit body fat percentage has been a long term goal of mine.  So its another one to check off the list!  Now I just need to maintain that number.  This now confirms that I've pretty much met my ideal weight, or at least my ideal body fat percentage.  I could still do with another pound or two of muscle.  But I'm getting there.  Anyway, point is I'm really really pleased with that.  That percentage by the way is with the scale in "athlete mode" which is designed to more accurately measure those with lean bodies.  I love that word by the way.  "Athlete".  It took me a long time before I could use that word to describe myself.  But now I can say it with extreme pride.  I am an Athlete!  And my body only has 8.2 fracking percent body fat!!!  LOVE IT! 

So yeah...   congratulations to me!  I'm really proud of myself today.

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