Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Morning Run, and Travel Prep

This morning my alarm went off at 530am.  My plan was to be out running by 6.  My legs however said otherwise.  They were still pretty tired from the TT so I snoozed my alarm instead.  In the end I didn't start my run till close to 10AM.  I'm still not quite used to doing workouts within 12 hours of each other and since I had time today I didn't feel rushed to start my run super early.  I drove down to Starbucks on the east side and parked there and did my out and back to the end of the boulevard 4.4 miler.  I decided to run whatever pace my legs decided to run on their own today and ended up with a 7:45/mile average.  Not bad...  I need to just keep relaxing, focus on form, and build up my mileage again without thinking about speed.  I should focus more on getting my legs healthy and not taking any backward steps in that regard.  Speaking of which my legs felt better after today's run that last weekend's 5 miler so that was good.  My right knee was sort of letting me know it was there after the run.  It didn't hurt or anything, just felt a little bit tight and was sort of making its presence known to me.  And that usual spot on the back of my right knee (maybe a tendon?) was a tad sore as well, but nothing too bad.  Its still too early to tell but it seems like that soreness is reducing post run and post bike.  Pool workouts seem to do wonders for making my legs feel better too which is great.

Today I'm off to Chicago for a few days and then directly onto Orlando for a week.  This is my first trip as a traithlete in training so it will be interesting to see how I manage to fit my new training schedule into my road schedule.  I'm optimistic it will go well.  I have almost an entire extra suitcase of training gear with me which I'll do a post on soon.  Between all the clothes, shoes, pool gear, and everything else its a lot of gak to carry around!

I'm really going to miss my bike.  I'm growing quite attached to it and leaving it behind makes me sad.  Part of me wants to buy another road bike and stash it in Albany, NY in the warehouse where most of the equipment ships from to the shows I work on.  That way they could throw it in the truck and I'd have a bike with me most of the time.  Its certainly a though...  but I don't really have another 1500 bucks laying around to do that with right now, and if I did I'd want to put it towards a new TT bike instead of another road bike.  Its going to be really hard to hold off on my desire to buy a TT bike till next season.  But I think my plan to learn as much as possible from my road bike is a good one.  We'll see if I make it.

Right... time for me to go finish packing and get on my way.

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