Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Summary

In the last two weeks I was away for 11 days.  I completed one of the three largest projects I work on every year which is extremely demanding and very stressfull.  And yet I still managed to workout on 13 of those 14 days.  I'm very pleased with that.  How could I not be?

Heres the basic summarys of the last two weeks....

Week of 5-10

Running: 17.15 miles, 2:19, Average pace of 8:09
Swimming Two Hours
Strength Training Two Hours
Cycling 1:47

Total Workout Hours: 7 Hours
Thoughts...   clearly cycling suffered as I was away from almost all of this week and only had access to hotel gym at certain times to get on the stationary bike.  But at least I got some time in on it.  I also didn't get to swim a lot either.  But at least I logged some workouts and got those done despite some long hours.  I also came a long way in getting my running up to my usual pace and pushing the distance to 6 miles comfortably now.

Week of 5-17

Running:  13 Miles, 8:46 Average (had two runs with 10+ mile running friends)
Swimming: Two workouts, 1:50. 
Strength Training: Two Hours
Cycling: 2:17, 35 miles.  Only one group ride as I had no bike access except for one day.

Total Workout Hours 8 Hours
Thoughts...  conisdering this was Medco week.  I'm psyched I got this much in.  If I can get this much done on a gig of that size I can do anything!  So I'm really pleased with this.

Overall thoughts... 

Demanding two weeks of work, so getting in workouts on 13/14 days and getting 15 hours of workouts in during that time is pretty damn good.  I also feel stronger.  The strength training is working!  And its developing my muscle tone too as my friends have commented about that so thats great too.  But more importantly my legs are feeling stronger every day and its helping me handle the increased training load.  Which is about to get a lot harder as I really start to push my swimming and get in some harder rides with some new friends to train with that are all better riders than I am.  So yeah...   good things are coming! 

Still worried about that swim though...  so far to go.  But I did make some good strides with my stroke in the last two weeks so lets hope it keeps up.

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