Monday, May 31, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Anger the Pool Gods....

Apparently I have angered the pool gods somehow.  This morning I had a 40 minute session with my coach planned at the JCC starting at 10:20.  I went to get in the water around 10:15 to warmup for a few minutes.  The lifeguard stopped me and told me that the pool was about to close.  Ugh.  Jacki showed up right at 10:20 as the pool was closing.  The website says they are open till 11am today because of the holiday.  Apparenlty thats the gym part of the JCC, the pool mysteriously closes at 10:20.  LAME!  So both my coach and I wasted all that time.

So I went home....   did a few things and then called my local Y to see if I could get some lane time in this afternoon.  Nope.  They close at noon.

So its not looking good for swimming today.  Which is kind of a bummer.  Technically though today is a day off on which I allow an optional swim.  So technically I'm not missing any workouts.  Its so insanely nice out today that I'm daying to do SOMETHING.  My options are....

-bike...   well technically that would violate my no two hard days on the bike in a row allowed.  This is in order to protect my calves from tightening up like they did last week which cost me one run and a strength training session.  But I suppose I could just do some easy spinnging around the east side and enjoy the sun.

-swim...   only options are solo open water.  Bad idea.  Especially at my current swimming level.

-run...   nope...  already ran 7 miles on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.  So no running today.

-strength training...   thats a possibility as fitting in double workouts while on the road is always tricky so if I can get one of those sessions out the way this week that will help.  So I may do that later this afternoon.

For now though its back to printing out paperwork and other such excitement in my office.

Oh in other random news....   I contacted the local bike shop out on the island I'll be staying on for two weeks on my vacation.  Apparently they rent bikes.  Its a longshot...  but I emailed them and asked if they rent wheelsets.  Might be fun to try out some deep rimmed carbon wheels just for fun and race the same course with and without them and see if theres a difference.  Plus its just something fun to do on vacation.  I also found out that taking a bicycle on the ferries that go between islands is FREE!!!  Can you say island hopping bike tour!  I can't wait!  I also asked if they do group rides as that could be fun to do out there too.  So we'll see.

Ok...   back to work.

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