Saturday, May 8, 2010

Perseverance is Key!

So apparently mother nature had it in for me today.  My original plan for today was to do a bike/run brick workout.  With my initial plan being to park my car near my planned bike route, ride my bike to go and see my friend's daughter's tball game, ride back towards my car, chuck the bike in it and go for a run with my friend Melissa.  When I woke up this morning it was pouring and the lightning was coming pretty often.  So scratch the bike part of the ride.  Ok....  howbout a pool workout instead and then I'll still go meet Melissa for the run.

Went to the Y and got in about 30 of my planned 40 minutes of pool workout before they closed the pool due to the lightning getting too close.  On the plus side however I was REALLY pleased with my balance in the water.  Its finally starting to click and I'm very optimistic that my coach will be pleased enough to let me move on to whatever she has planned next.  After reading the Ebook from the Total Immersion website about efficiency and relaxation in the water I spent a lot of time concentrating intently on the tile around the black line at the bottom of the pool.  The more I stared till it blurred out of focus the more relaxed I became.  And the more relaxed I became the better my body position in the water.  Success!  Anyway out of the pool early and then I realized I forgot a towel.  (have I mentioned how much I miss the towel service they had at BSC, too bad they don't have a pool!)  Then back in the car and headed home.

Tball game is cancelled due to the weather.  Ugh.

Off in the car back to the east side to meet Melissa.  Lightning is still going so after a coffee at starbucks to try and wait the weather out we gave up and hit the treadmills at the east side Y.  Once again mother nature is trying to stop me from working out.  I'm quite surprised that there wasn't a power outage that shut down the treadmills the way the day was going.  Ran into Hugh at the Y which was nice too.  Time goes by so much faster when you can chat a bit.

I managed a nice easy three miles at 9min/mile pace and then decided to push for five miles.  At about the 4 mile mark my right leg decided to tighten up again.  I pushed through it to five miles and then stopped.  After some stretching and massage at home it feels fine again.  Its hard to know whats causing it.  The increased workload of training for three sports at once?  adding in strength training?  the hill workout from the TT course yesterday?  getting used to running again?  Either way it may make sense to limit my runs to 3 mile distances until I'm more comfortable.  Still it seems so strange to me to feel more uncomfortable after a 5 mile run that I would in the past after a 20 miler.  Its annoying even.  But perhaps I just need to take it slow and every so slowly ramp up my mileage again.  Yet another reason to seek out a good sports medicine doctor or ortho and get that leg looked at and confirm theres nothing wrong with it.

Next up...   the group ride with Providence Bicycle tomorrow morning followed by a very short run.  Maybe just a mile or two just to get the feeling of running off the bike a bit.  Heres hoping we have better weather tomorrow.  Currently looks like its going to be a very windy and very cool morning tomorrow.  8AM forecast for tomorrow currently shows 40 degrees and 20mph winds!  Yikes.  Should make for an interesting ride!

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