Thursday, May 27, 2010


So this morning I woke up at 530am and went to stand up and I felt insane tightness in my calves.  Way more than I felt in them yesterday.  During my strength training routine at around 5pm they just felt a little sore which is understandable after the TT where I really had to reach back for whatever was left in the tank.  During the calf excercises I did yesterday they felt fine and I know I was keeping a close eye on my legs during that part of the workout as I knew they were a little sore.

This morning my left calf feels like a rock its so stiff.  Even walking is cumbersome.  My right one is a little sore but otherwise ok.  So after walking around my appartment for five minutes trying to loosen them up a bit I decided I was going to have to bag the run today or risk further injury.

I did however still get my swim session in with my coach and then followed that with 30 minutes of drills.  I love that when my legs are hurting the pool is still an option and most times it actually helps loosen me up.  The good news is I forgot all about my calf when I was in the pool until I had to walk back into the lockerroom.  The bad news is that my calf is still really tight so its unlikely I'll be able to get the run in later this afternoon which was a thought as well.  Some other good news is that despite all my hamstring woes with running my hammy's feel great.  In fact better than they have in a long time.  I'd say 100%.  And for the first time in years its my left leg hurting instead of my right which has traditionally been the weaker of the two!  So all that strength training is paying off!

So...   going forwards I need to keep resting and icing that calf until it loosens up a bit.  I'll try a little massage later maybe but right now its insanely tender and hurts to the touch.

Tomorrow I have an optional swim and a strength training workout.  So I think my plan will be to see how it feels.  If it hurts I'll do just the swim.  If it feels a tiny bit better I'll do the swim and most of the strength training workout but I'll skip some of the leg excercises.  And if it really hurts I'll just swim.

I really hope it loosens up before the weekend though as I have a pretty intense workout scheduled for Sunday and I had hoped to run 8 miles on Saturday.  So we'll see.

I need to really start reading more about training plans.  I've been going at this a little too hard I think and I think I can ease up some.  I wonder whether I need to do more than one bike/run brick a week?  And how many miles and days I should be on the bike?  I'm thinking two bike workouts (one short with intervals, one long), two runs (one short + fast, one long), one bike/run brick (ideally on the TT course), three swim workouts, and two strength training sessions a week.  Now I just need to put that into a schedule and I need to figure out how to make my workouts more flexible so when I want to train with a friend I can do that, but instead of adding an additional workout to my schedule I'm adapting my schedule to fit that session in.  It was awesome to ride on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday, but it hurt my calves and my TT results.  So I need to instead say no to one of those workouts despite how much I'd rather do them all.  So I need to get better at finding that balance of workout goals, social goals, still having fun, and balancing everything else in around it too.

In other news...   its a Tri-Xmas here today!  Lots of new toys and outfits showing up from UPS and Fedex.  Including a new Livestrong Giro helmet to complete my Livestrong bike outfit ( I'm a huge Livestrong fan and I've always run any of my races in Livestrong gear.  Speaking of which I can't seem to find a Livestrong Tri Suit) So yeah...  I got a new helmet, a new Cannondale Red bike outfit, Some new Tri Suits and tops from, and a new fancy schmancy scale!  The scale will actually live on my wireless network at home and it will automatically update my training log files with my daily weight and body fat percentage!  Which is awesome.  I'm psyched to get that thing up and running.

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