Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TT Results are in....

So the TT results are in...    I've removed the names other than my own.

Not pleased!

1 M 39:24 (21.8)

2 M 39:29 (21.8)
3 M 41:08 (20.9)
4 M 41:59 (20.5)
5 M 43:58 (19.5)
6 M 46:28 (18.5)
7 F 46:59 (18.3)
8 F 49:25 (17.4)
9 F 49:26 (17.4)
10 Nick Wisdom 50:59 (16.9)
11 M 52:10 (16.5)
12 M 53:02 (16.2)
13 M 53:52 (16.0)
14 F 56:14 (15.3)
15 M 1:04:30 (13.3)

Total of 15 riders and I came in 10th.  My best time on the course so far is 47:03 which if I could have matched it would have put me in 7th which would have made me much happier.

I will now admit that my vanity and competitiveness makes me very unhappy that the results are published publicly on the NE-Tri site.  I just need to channel that frustration into doing better next time.  Although the next time I can officially run the course on a tuesday night is going to be maybe the 8th but thats going to be tough as I fly home from Columbus that day and land at 2pm.  Which means getting home at 3pm and having only two hours to turn around and head out for the TT. 

EDIT!!!   Just got my work schedule and managed to change my flight.  So now I'll be home late on Monday the 7th and ready to kick some serious TT ass on the 8th!  Wooohooo!
Actually what kills me about the results page on the NE-Tri site is that only week three results are listed.  Weeks 1 and 2 are not.  So my good time of 47:03 isn't up there.  I know...  its lame.  I know...   I admit it.  What can I say?  Apparently theres some sort of competitor inside me working its way out.  Who knew?

I just wish I could have matched my time or gotten closer than almost FOUR minutes away from it.  ugh.  No excuses...    just need to train harder and get stronger.

Heres a pic of my better side from the TT thats up on the NE-Tri site.  I'm the one in the sleeveless red top with his back to the camera.


  1. Nick, your legs were tired from riding two days in a row after not riding for a week. Don't be hard on yourself. Go easy on the Monday before your next TT and I bet you'll get a PR. Remember why you do's for beating yourself up! I will not allow it! Ha!

  2. Ha! : ) Thanks Nancy... I'm ok... just venting a little out loud, and motivating myself to get it right next time around.