Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Timidly I Press Onward....

This morning was my first official run workout.  It was supposed to be three miles.  I'm not very good at only running three miles.  So I ran 5 instead.  It just never seems worth running to me at all if its less than 5 miles.  So I think I'll change all my runs other than 5K speed runs to 5 milers for now.

The run was ok...   my legs were sore from the strength training so I did my best to go out carefully.  I did better than the other day and managed to keep myself to an 8:50 average so that was good.  My right leg felt off again.  Not in pain, not necessarily tight, just off and weaker still.  Again I'm hoping my new course of strength training will help alleviate this.  For now I will continue to keep an eye on it and seek out answers form the Doc once I get back from my next trip.

In other random news...   I had an interview for a job with a local bike shop today.  They offered me a fulltime position.  Unfortunately the money just doesn't add up for me in a way that would allow me to leave my current job.  So I countered with the offer that if they were willing to work around my travel schedule that I would be willing to work there part time.  For me it would mean getting a chance to learn a LOT more about bikes, maintenance, parts, and get great discounts on the gear and get that Cannondale Slice in my stable that much quicker this summer.  Not sure how they will react to that as my travel schedule is quite odd.  Wish me luck!  Even if its only for the summer I still think it will be a lot of fun and a good use of my time.

Tomorrow I'm back in the pool with Jacki.  Here's hoping we have a breakthrough moment!  And then its strength training in the afternoon and then the get together with the Tri-New England club at Ri Ra.  Should be a busy but good day!

I also found out that on my next two shows that I'm about to leave for in Chicago and Orlando that there is a 24 hour access lap pool and fitness center at both locations.  Perfect!  And with any luck my kickboards, flippers, and pull float show up today so I can keep the drills up while I'm out of town.

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