Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back in the Pool

Another session with Jacki today at the pool working on body position.  I'm finding that aquiring the right body position in the pool is incredibly challenging.  It seems like the harder I try the worse I do.  Its so hard to relax the right parts when your trying to think about so much at the same time.  I find as soon as I get my shoulders right that my legs have dropped.  I get my legs right and my body rocking properly and then realize my head is 3' underwater.  Its extremely frustrating.  I keep hoping that every session with have that eureka moment where it all comes together.  For now I need to just RELAX and keep at it.  It will come with time.  I just need to let it happen.

I very much would like to really have a great race on August 14th for my first tri.  But at the same time I think I need to accept the fact that 2010 could be a year of base building in all disciplines.  I need to focus less on the race and more on proper training and staying healthy and injury free in all disciplines.  The rest will come with time.

In other random thoughts I'm still looking at a variety of dates for an end of year/early next year marathon.  I still haven't decided yet.  I may wait a bit longer and see how my legs feel now that I've started up running again after the brief break to let my foot heal up.  But assuming it all comes together Ok I think another marathon is in order.  Theres also a thirty miler at Disney World in early January thats kind of appealing too.  So I'll keep my eye on that as well.

For now though I'm going to focus on my new 6 day a week training plan, staying healthy, and hopefully finally finding my balance in the water.

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