Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Things Come in Threes

So yesterday I did the group ride with the NE-Tri club.  Which was a great way to reintroduce myself to Dale and get back on the bike.  And It was great to meet some members I haven't met yet too.  But the reality of trying to get everyone's pace together is that we went out a bit slower than I'd like.  So it was a nice ride, but it wasn't super challenging.

Fortunately after chatting with Nancy who led the ride it turns out we both ride at about the same pace.  In fact I'm fairly certain she can kick my ass on the bike if she wanted to, but I do think that we can ride at a pace that feels challenging to both of us.  So we met up today to get another ride in.

So we met up at Providence Bicycle which is conveniently about 2.5 miles from both of our houses and then headed North.  I have no sense of direction.  I only know its north because I've seen the post ride GPS map.  We rode for 35 miles with an average speed of 16.8mph (moving speed of 17.2).  Considering we had to escape the city, ride through a slow construction zone twice and several other obstacles I'd say we managed a pretty good pace today all in all that isn't reflected in the data.  The route we took had some nice rolling hills and some niced mid sized hills too without anything too massive or any hills that make you wonder if anyone will know if you turn around and find a different way home instead of riding up them.

We rode through some great neighborhoods full of trees and shade, empty rural highways and all sorts of other lovely stuff on a gorgeous sunny day.  It was a great ride and a great workout.  I was really pleased with how I felt considering the ride the day before and the fact I haven't been on my bike in two weeks before yesterday due to all the travel.  It was also great to have someone to ride with and I'm psyched to keep meeting new training partners through my triathlon club.  All of which are always so kind to answer any and all training questions I throw their way as we ride or run.  Notice I didn't say swim.  yeah....  not about to do that anytime soon in front of any other members.  Unless of course your desperate to know what I look like when I swim.  In which case watch a nature documentary of a wounded animal in the water.  It looks kind of like that.

So whats the good stuff that comes in threes?   Riding!  Because today was day 2 of three days of consecutive days on the bike.  Which before I say that I should probably add that I also spent 40 minutes in the pool this morning starting at 530am.  Which was semi succesful, but not noteworth.  Anyway... back to threes.  Tomorrow I have a session in the pool with my coach (coach seems so formal...   its more like a lifeguard who instead of saving you suggests different ways to flail your arms about to make it to the end of the pool).  After that I have to do some work and then its off to the Providence Bicycle Time Trials to try and beat my time of 47:03 from two weeks ago and then do a 3-5 mile brick run.  I haven't decided what length to do yet.  I may just do the three and try and go out hard and fast and see what happens.  I could potentially have all the intentions of going out hard and fast and yet my legs are a mess and I can't.  Or maybe I can make up some time against those fast guys on the bike by getting it back on the run.  Although really I'm a distance runner.  So unless I can convince anyone for a long distance suffer fest after the bike I may not make up much time.

And because I'm apparently getting so good at double workouts this week Wednesday is also  Strength Train/ Swim day.

For the record I feel I should also note that I was rocking my new cannondale outfit on the bike today.  I think I just like triathlons for the clothes.  I may not be fast... but at least I look the part.  : )

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