Thursday, May 6, 2010


FINALLY!!!!   a great session in the pool today with my coach.  I do beleive the concept of body position may at last be starting to sink in.  Actually the concept I've always gotten...  the execution of it is where I've struggled.  But today through a variety of drills using a variety of pull floats, pool noodles, kickboards, zoomers, and anything else we could get our hands on I finally got it!  Now I still need to keep practicing it but today was the first day I felt like Jacki was smiling and genuinely pleased with what I was doing when I would surface.  I still need to work on it till I can hold perfect balance for an entire length of the pool but at least I was getting it for several seconds at a time which is a lot more than I could say for previous sessions.  I know its a small start, but its a start!  So here's hoping that next week with Jacki I'll be able to learn some new drills and get closer to that perfect stroke!

Still up today...

Strength training this afternoon after a little more work time and then off to meet some of the members of the New England Triathlon Club at Ri Ra tonight which I'm looking forward to.  Good day so far!

And in other good news a birthday present showed up from my Dad today.  I love to train and race in Livestrong gear so this made me really happy.  I also ordered the cycling jersey to go with this today as well.  Now if only I could find a set of Livestrong tri shorts and tank and a Livestrong Tri Suit that would rock.

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