Thursday, May 27, 2010

New First Triathlon!!!!

I just had a work cancellation.  So it now looks like I'll be able to do a different traithlon as my first!  I'm going to sign up for the Deary triathlon which is tailored for first timers.  Its only an 1/8th mile swim, 13.1 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run.  No sweat!  I think it will make a for a fantastic practice session for the Bayside Tri on 8/14 that I'm doing thats a half mile swim, 14 mile bike, and three mile run.  So I'm psyched to be doing that one first to get all my first race jitters out of the way.

In other news....

This particular tri is run out of another NE-Tri club member's back yard who lives on a lake.  And he's hosting an open water swim this weekend.  So I emailed him and asked if I could put my wetsuit on and flail about a bit in the open water to start getting acclimated even if I'm not a very strong swimmer and he said absolutely come on out!  So this weekend will be my first open water swim!  I'm psyched!

So despite my calves still screaming at me...  its a good day!

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